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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wednesday Ri has a Dr appointment

for his head. He has developed a flat head, he favors the right side so now it is somewhat flat and it has pushed his right ear forward a bit. He does do tummy time in his bassinet or on the floor when big bro is not close by otherwise he tries to jump over Ri...can not have that. I have started to put Ri in his exercise saucer and this is when I noticed he even leans to the right all the time. I stuff little blankets around him so he does not lean over so much and yet he still does. I called the Dr made the appointment because I would like to try to correct this sooner then later. I will post a photo in a bit.

When we go to the Dr I am going to have her check Lol O out too because the other day while changing his bottom I notice a lump/raise part of skin on his right hip area, it is on the skin because when I move the skin the lump moves too... hopefully that is nothing.

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