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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh why does it have to HURT (m)

I am on my 3rd O(ovulation) since having Ri and they still are very painful! OWIE...

I have only had 2 af so far and they have been nice to me (knock on wood).

The difference between O and AF is:
O - hurts on the side I O on and goes up into my ribs down to my thigh around my lower back traveling to my front. It is more painful when I O on the right side then when I O on the left, they say that is because my egg is released from the right side it has no place to go so this egg travels around in my body no tube to go to bumping into my insides(the left tube can pick up the egg sometimes not very often..ha ha, this is how I got pg with my boys, maybe happens more often then they think)

AF - it only hurts in the lower front and back.

They are both usually painful for me... I am one of the lucky ones.
As my dh would say, all part of being a woman. my response yeah I am the lucky on that get to feel everything.

Still debating on when to try for #3 baby #eight pg, now that Ri is much much better I find myself thinking of #3 more often. Maybe start at the end of the yr or around March. I can not wait to long because who knows how long IVIG stays a trail here.

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