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Friday, September 29, 2006

PG update....

9 weeks 3 days

Spot has vanished for now that is, still do the TP check everytime.

I gag every morning, before I eat my breakfast. My levels must be good still because the clinic has not called me in a panic. My belly seems to be sticking out a bit more I guess I will have to start taking belly pics but that makes me nevous because I don't want to jinx myself.....

He's crawling he's crawling

my little boy is crawling......

I was upstairs in my room with Orion when he got up on all fours and crawled to me, what a joy that was to see but yet sad at the same time, my baby is growing up.

So I took him downstairs so I could video it for proof to daddy because if I don't get the proof little man will not do it for daddy...

Here is a link to the video: Orion Crawling

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bad dream....

I was dreaming I was watching Orion laying and playing on the floor then all of a sudden I could see he was choking, in this dream all I seemed to be able to do is watch it all.........
So I wake up throw the covers off me sit up in bed and then I realized it was all a dream because if he was choking or not breating I would hear it on the baby monitor or the angel care monitor would be going off. So I lay my head back down on my pillow close my eyes and pray not to have another dream like that.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You know...


We make plans for this new baby we have picked names for this baby, meanwhile in the back of my mind I know all to well that ANYTHING can happen. I have lost babys at 6w, 9w, 12,w, 11,w and 19w, and had Orion at 33w, It could very well happen again. I am not going into this pg with a blind eye because I know the pain that can happen all to well, I just choose to try to be positive about it and that is what I am doing even tho I am still spotting I have weird pains every now and then and the ONLY pg symptom I have is gagging with food and the smell of Orions diaper. It freaks me out some that my breasts are not sore like all the other times (this is where I have to remind myself that every pg is different) ... One minute one hour one day at at time is all I can do.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Two more pearly whites I see

Orion's 2 eye teeth are starting to show there way thru and once again little man is taking it like a champ no complaints what so ever.

Orion has also started to do the army crawl a couple of days ago, it is quiet funny to watch but he gets around. He tosses a toy infront of him then drags himself to it then tosses it again.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chinese Gender Chart

says I am going to have another boy.... Here is a link to the Chinese Gender Chart
I believe we have a boys name picked, now the middle name DH says the same middle name that he has along with his dad and granddad and ofcourse Orion, now is it weird to have siblings with the same middle name?

Hopefully I will have 5 to 6 more months to figure it out.

I am shaking here

I just ordered a camera Canon Rebel XTi 400D off the internet (an Ebay store, YIKES), this is kindof SCARY..... this is alot of money I ended up spending about $300.00 more then I planed (those dang upgrades they get you on). I was nervous to tell DH that I spent a bit more, when I did he smiled and jokingly said theat means he has to work 48hrs for that then asked it if I am It should be here in about 2weeks time.

Comes with:

Plus 1 Sigma 18-50mm F3.5-5.6 DC
Plus 1 Sigma 55-200mm F4-5.6 DC

Plus 2 Lens Pouches
Plus 2 Lens Cap Holders

Plus 2 Lens Hoods

Plus 2 UV Filters

Plus 1 2-Gigabyte Compact Flash

Plus 1 USB Memory Card Reader

Plus 1 Deluxe Carrying Bag

Plus 1 Deluxe Video & Photo Tripod

Plus 1 Camera/Video Mini Tripod

Plus 1 3 Pc. Lens Cleaning Kit

As I mention I upgraded a few things.

I can not wait to get my hands on Poor Orion and the cats, the boy can't run from me yet but the cats

Please let everything work out good, PLEASE.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well it is nice to know I made a nice bed for

some bunny this

then DH left for work....Run bunny run...

Yes it snowed here and today it is to be a high of 5°C

Need to go buy a coat and hat for the little man.... Walmart here I come.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Miracle my Dream .... Turned one today....

Happy 1st Birthday Orion
I am still truly amazed by this little boy, he is everything and more that I had hope for.... The emotions that feel me when I think back to 1yr ago today, I was at work when my water broke at 9:30am. Dh met me at the hosp. around 11am (I think) 12 hours and 1minute (fr when my water broke) later our son entered this world crying at 9:31pm, 2 weeks 4days later he came home from the hospital.

Here are some more pics of the birthday boy:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Orion's 1st Birthday Party

We held it on the 9th since he real b-day was on the week day.
(click on pics to see bigger)

The birthday cake:

He is not to sure about the then he started to cry either from everyone signing to him or he did not like the feel of the

the day after...

Ultrasound update.

7 weeks 0 days

When I arrive at the u/s clinic I was surprized not to have to wait to long. Then the girl took me to the back and gave me a gown (which I new was the wrong gown, I mentioned it to her) that is when the other girl came up and said oh you need to give her this one. As they walked away the I heard the one say "I never seen one come in for that early of one..."

I put on the blue gown and sit and wait and once again I hear my name sooner then I I peek out of my dressing room to see a guy u/s tech and well the thoughts that went thru my head I was hoping so hard that I would not
need a vaginal u/s (because there was no way I'd want him to do it, a Dr is different). So he asks the normal questions "when my last af was" "how many pg's I have had" "How many children I have" Then he tells me to hop on the table (please no vaginal pleeease) I pull the gown up as he asks he then places the paper sheet on the lower half (I am thinking ok this is weird) I then ask him for pictures, yes I know it is just a blob but we want pics please.

As he was scanning my belly I saw that wonderful sight right away, my baby's heart beating....breathe........ and no vaginal u/s

Introducing baby #2:
(click to see a bigger pic)

Baby is measuring 6w3d I am 7w today, heart rate was 125bpm which is good. He also should me the Subchorionic Hematoma pic below

Ultrasound all done time to see the Dr. Which is a short 30sec walk across the hall.

Dr O walks in and looks at me and ask "I have seen you before?" I said "yes you watched me with my last pg" he said "Oh yes, how is your son doing? He was born early right?" me "He is doing great and yes born at 33w" He said baby is looking good so far and that there is still some bleeding around it, they will keep an eye on it. Then he is looking at my chart and asks if Dr S was referring me back to him? I said she has not mentioned it yet. Dr O said that he wants too see me again, so he will make a note of it in my file and mention it to Dr S. He then asked if I was back on the IVIG. Yes I am. Then he said I will
definantly be watching you not many other Dr's other then the fertility clinic know much about the IVIG treatments.
Dr O also said that in theory my UU should hold this pg a bit longer maybe a week or two more but I am not guaranteed that he said I am pretty sure you will have another preemie..... You are a complicate

Nice to know I am complicated but I am gald he will be my Dr once again.

Monday, September 11, 2006


This was sent to me in an e-mail:




Two thousand one, nine eleven
Three thousand plus arrive in heaven
As they pass through the gate,
Thousands more appear in wait

A bearded man with stovepipe hat
Steps forward saying, "Lets sit, lets chat"
They settle down in seats of clouds
A man named Martin shouts out proud
"I have a dream!" and once he did
The Newcomer said, "Your dream still lives."

Groups of soldiers in blue and gray
Others in khaki, and green then say
"We're from Bull Run, Yorktown, the Maine"
The Newcomer said, "You died not in vain."

From a man on sticks one could hear
"The only thing we have to fear.
The Newcomer said, "We know the rest,
Trust us sir, we've passed that test."

"Courage doesn't hide in caves
You can't bury freedom, in a grave,"
The Newcomers had heard this voice before
A distinct Yankees twang from Hyannisport shores

A silence fell within the mist
Somehow the Newcomer knew that this
Meant time had come for her to say
What was in the hearts of the five thousand plus that day

"Back on Earth, we wrote reports,
Watched our children play in sports
Worked our gardens, sang our songs
Went to church and clipped coupons

We smiled, we laughed,
we cried, we fought
Unlike you, great we're not"

The tall man in the stovepipe hat
Stood and said, "Don't talk like that!
Look at your country, look and see
You died for freedom, just like me"

Then, before them all appeared a scene
Of rubbled streets and twisted beams
Death, destruction, smoke and dust
And people working just 'cause they must

Hauling ash, lifting stones,
Knee deep in hell, but not alone
"Look! Blackman, Whiteman, Brownman, Yellowman
Side by side helping their fellow man!"

So said Martin, as he watched the scene
"Even from nightmares, can be born a dream."
Down below three firemen raised
The colors high into ashen haze

The soldiers above had seen it before
On Iwo Jima back in '45
The man on sticks studied everything closely
Then shared his perceptions on what he saw mostly

"I see pain, I see tears,
I see sorrow -- but I don't see fear."
"You left behind husbands and wives
Daughters and sons and so many lives
Are suffering now because of this wrong
But look very closely. You're not really gone.

All of those people, even those who've never met you
All of their lives, they'll never forget you
Don't you see what has happened?
Don't you see what you've done?
You've brought them together, together as one.

With that the man in the stovepipe hat said
"Take my hand," and from there he led
Three thousand plus heroes, Newcomers to heaven
On this day, two thousand one, nine eleven

Author UNKNOWN (What a shame!)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dare I say it.....


I am nauseous ( I so do not want to jinx myself) but when I woke this morning I felt ill, I gag eating breakfast, the thought of just eating through out the day made me want to dry heave I have also wanted to just sleep today but I can not little man keeps me busy..... and yet this all makes me smile with happiness...
2 more days till my u/s.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ultrasound update....


As you know it I happened to hit every red light and there seems to be construction on every corner, I arrived 20min after they wanted me there.

Well Dr S saw right away that the baby is in the uterus (that is good news). Then she saw a blood clot and said that is why your bleeding then she looked at the baby and said "ah there you see it a nice beating heart"...... then I breathed.

Dr said that I seem to find every hiccup in the road thru a pg, she told me no sex and to take it easy. Easy hmm I have Orion's B-day party tomorrow, thank god for my mum and sisters they already offered to do what ever is needed to be done.

Anyone have a story of a succseful pg with a clot?

still not out of the woods tho...... Hope there is still a beating heart at my u/s next week.

Going for an ultrasound....

Nurse M called back from Dr S office (Fertility Clinic) and she said that Dr S would like me to come in for an u/s at 11:20, I am nervous. This means Dr S must of thought about me at some point and wondered what ws going on.

I feel doomed but yet still hoping for the best.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The thoughts that go thru my head....

As I put Orion to bed. I kiss him say I love you and as I am holding him I wonder, truly wonder, is he really my "miracle" will he be the only one that was able to fight my body and escape it alive. I have to wonder this because really how many women actually bled with all of there pg's I am pretty sure not to many.... and here I am on my 7th pg and bleeding and only so far one baby to show for it all, my miracle boy.

5 days till my u/s to see how this wee one is really doing or has my body yet again fought off another precious soul................ 5 long days. (sigh) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Let take it one day at a time

that is what the Nurse said, Dr S wants to take it one day at a time because my numbers look great and I have no cramping. If things change I am to call them and if it is after hours to go to the hosp.
I still have my u/s for the 12th. I anything does happen I pray it does not happen on Orion b-day party on Sat.

Please little baby stick & hold on tight..........

Clinic called back... *Edited*

after I called them at 8am.

Tuesday when I get my blood drawnin 6w pg the #'s were 24,436 that is great.

The Nurse M asked a few questions and said she will talk with Dr S about it and see what she wants to do...then call me back.

I feel somewhat more at ease, dh let me have a nap this

So I wait for another call...


I just went to the bathroom blood was on my pantie liner and it was not just a spot...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dang it.... I see blood .....

I am crying.

It could be nothing it could be the progesteron irritating my cervix or it could be the unthinkable happing yet again....

I will call the clinic 1st thing in the morning...... why why why can't it be easy for once..... WHY!

I have no cramping but then I don't have any pg symptoms either other then my HCG levels rising (which I will get the results tomorrow from Tuesdays blood draw)....... maybe the clinic will beat me to it and call to tell me they have dropped, which would not be good......... hoping for the best.

6 weeks 1 day pg today

still don't feel pg, and that has me worried some. Ultrasound is booked for the 12th next week, holding my breathe till then....

About You
Your uterus is the size of a plum, your breasts may be incredibly tender, and, ugh, you may start feeling some odd symptoms, though for some women the morning sickness doesn't kick in until later (if at all).

About Your Baby
This week your embryo is working very hard to begin growing its nervous system. There's a primitive heart now, and just wait until it can show you its love! Tiny buds have appeared, and if all goes well, these will someday be arms to hug you and legs to kick at you during temper tantrums. By now, your baby displays reflexes in response to a touch! This means his nervous system is communicating with his primitive muscle cells. This communication forms the foundation of all your baby's behavior even after birth.

Orion's 1yr check up...

I can not believe he is going to be a one year old next week.

Dr N was happy with him, she said he is looking good and doing very well said she loves his eyes.

Birth / 1 year
W ~ 4lbs 2.2 oz 20lbs 3 oz
H ~ 17 3/4 inches 29 1/2 inches

He did not like her holding him (he is going thru that stage now nobody but mommy can hold him) so he cried some but once back in my arms he was smiling, it is so funny how fast the switch the tears on and I will start to introduce Homo milk to him.

When I got home dh was here so I told him the info and he said what is that suppose to mean (duh it means your son is growing and he is healthy) then he said what does the charts say and not the 1yr the ten month...... What??? Yes I know they adjust preemies age for the 1st 2 yrs but the boy is ONE he was born one year ago (yes his adjusted age is 10 month 1week but yet he is one) and another thing dh said after I told him that Orion and start on Homo milk he asked "So does that mean he will be off the formula?" "yes" I say. Then he says "So that means you have to feed him." "Um he is eating now, (if you'd stop being such a workaholic you would see that ... I thought)" The man is driving me crazy, maybe it is my PG hormones but he is so on my nerves lately.

I am having Orions b-day party this weekend, his 1st taste of cake.

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Yummy recipe....

It is very easy, make sure you do the couscous part to "Make it a Meal" at the bottom of the page and make sure you follow the direction on the box for the couscous. (I use the whole box) Click on pic to see bigger.

Hope you like it too.


I had a peacful sleep last night no creepy crawlies came to visit....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I HATE bad dreams.....

I got very little sleep lastnight. 1st Orion woke at midnight so I went to him (he had that cry that I new he needed me) all I have to do is put my hand on him and he quiets down but as soon as I'd take my hand off he'd start cry (this is not him) so I pick him up and cuddle him close, he lays his head on my should and I rock him (I do not speak, I just hold him) and he settled down after a few minutes I lay him back down and off to sleep he went....Must of been a dream....

I go back to bed no problem falling back to sleep but man I had a bad dream and it was the kind of dream that kept coming back no matter how many times I woke to shake just kept coming back.....Dang spiders were everywhere all types big, small, fat, skinny, furry and ugly......yuck! They were coming at me from all directions.......

Must of dreamt of them because I got rid of a huge spider web at my front door outside on the veranda it was right over my flower garden, it was in my way. I tried to hose it down and it would not budge (I am getting the shivers just thinking about it so I go on the hunt for a stick of some sort that I can take the web down, found a stick got the web down and out came this huge fat ugly kind of furry spider. I tried to hose it down well those suckers are tuff he it whatever crawled up the post and I am standing there wonder what to do with it, I can not kill it because that would make me sick (gag, yuck yuck yuck) so I look down and the hose is still in my hand and you would think that spider would come tumbling hung on by it one thin little strand of web from it behind. I just sprayed down the whole veranda and left it at that all the while I am thinking that this thing is going to jump out at me and attack... When I came back in side I looked on the net for spiders to see what kind it was and if dangerous, from what I could find it is not. Then I looked at how they make there webs, quite interesting. Takes them 1hour to make it and me 1min to break it..... so it has to hate me.....Hence the bad dream.

I did not see it outside to today must be in hiding making it's plan...... itsy bitys spider went up the water spout out came the hose to try and get it out.........

I should not of posted this before I go to bed...........

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Guest Map

I just added a guest map on the left under the "Friends" at the bottom. Check it out let me know you popped in. plus I want to make sure it

*Edited to add*
You don't need to put your e-mail addy