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Saturday, September 23, 2006

You know...


We make plans for this new baby we have picked names for this baby, meanwhile in the back of my mind I know all to well that ANYTHING can happen. I have lost babys at 6w, 9w, 12,w, 11,w and 19w, and had Orion at 33w, It could very well happen again. I am not going into this pg with a blind eye because I know the pain that can happen all to well, I just choose to try to be positive about it and that is what I am doing even tho I am still spotting I have weird pains every now and then and the ONLY pg symptom I have is gagging with food and the smell of Orions diaper. It freaks me out some that my breasts are not sore like all the other times (this is where I have to remind myself that every pg is different) ... One minute one hour one day at at time is all I can do.

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