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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chinese Gender Chart

says I am going to have another boy.... Here is a link to the Chinese Gender Chart
I believe we have a boys name picked, now the middle name DH says the same middle name that he has along with his dad and granddad and ofcourse Orion, now is it weird to have siblings with the same middle name?

Hopefully I will have 5 to 6 more months to figure it out.


LynAnne said...

It says I'm having a boy too (um no duh, I just realized we are the same age and conceived about the same time). Of course it said my girl should have been a boy...better not tell her that! :)

K77 said...

I don't think same middle names are weird at all. My sister and I (I am the oldest) have the same middle name. The next sister has the same middle name as our oldest 1/2 sister. Our 1/2 brother and youngest 1/2 sister have very similar middle names.