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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dang it.... I see blood .....

I am crying.

It could be nothing it could be the progesteron irritating my cervix or it could be the unthinkable happing yet again....

I will call the clinic 1st thing in the morning...... why why why can't it be easy for once..... WHY!

I have no cramping but then I don't have any pg symptoms either other then my HCG levels rising (which I will get the results tomorrow from Tuesdays blood draw)....... maybe the clinic will beat me to it and call to tell me they have dropped, which would not be good......... hoping for the best.

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LynAnne said...

Oh, how scary! Here's hoping the bleeding is normal. In addition to what you mentioned, it could be from the placenta really starting to dig in now as the embryo becomes less dependent on the yolk sack.

I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way! It's just not fair that you should have to go through this! Take care and all the best for your dr. visit!