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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Orion's 1yr check up...

I can not believe he is going to be a one year old next week.

Dr N was happy with him, she said he is looking good and doing very well said she loves his eyes.

Birth / 1 year
W ~ 4lbs 2.2 oz 20lbs 3 oz
H ~ 17 3/4 inches 29 1/2 inches

He did not like her holding him (he is going thru that stage now nobody but mommy can hold him) so he cried some but once back in my arms he was smiling, it is so funny how fast the switch the tears on and I will start to introduce Homo milk to him.

When I got home dh was here so I told him the info and he said what is that suppose to mean (duh it means your son is growing and he is healthy) then he said what does the charts say and not the 1yr the ten month...... What??? Yes I know they adjust preemies age for the 1st 2 yrs but the boy is ONE he was born one year ago (yes his adjusted age is 10 month 1week but yet he is one) and another thing dh said after I told him that Orion and start on Homo milk he asked "So does that mean he will be off the formula?" "yes" I say. Then he says "So that means you have to feed him." "Um he is eating now, (if you'd stop being such a workaholic you would see that ... I thought)" The man is driving me crazy, maybe it is my PG hormones but he is so on my nerves lately.

I am having Orions b-day party this weekend, his 1st taste of cake.

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LynAnne said...

Wow, Orion is a big boy! How amazing that he has caught up so quickly! My daughter is still only 18 lbs and she was 8 lb 12 oz at birth (2 weeks early!)