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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ultrasound update....


As you know it I happened to hit every red light and there seems to be construction on every corner, I arrived 20min after they wanted me there.

Well Dr S saw right away that the baby is in the uterus (that is good news). Then she saw a blood clot and said that is why your bleeding then she looked at the baby and said "ah there you see it a nice beating heart"...... then I breathed.

Dr said that I seem to find every hiccup in the road thru a pg, she told me no sex and to take it easy. Easy hmm I have Orion's B-day party tomorrow, thank god for my mum and sisters they already offered to do what ever is needed to be done.

Anyone have a story of a succseful pg with a clot?

still not out of the woods tho...... Hope there is still a beating heart at my u/s next week.


Shana said...

Yes! I had a subchorionic hematoma when I was pregnant with my youngest. The bleeding was very worrisome, especially since I'd had several miscarriages in the past, but I didn't lose the pregnancy.

A SCH can cause pregnancy loss, but a lot depends on the size and position in the uterus of the clot.

Trena said...


Glad to ehar you saw a h/b and all is ok with the baby-- I have met many people who had a bloodclot and by 12 weeks it was gone.. crossing my fingers and praying for you!

stop into ATS a few girls in there have had it aswell

LynAnne said...

I've had bumps in the road with all of my pregnancies. With my first, I had a ruptured ovarian cyst that bled. They gave me the choice of going home in severe pain or having it surgically drained. They told me I'd probably lose the baby if they did the latter. I chose pain. Then, I went into preterm labor and had to be put on bed rest. I begged the dr. to let me go back to work at 37 weeks and the baby was born a couple days later.

The second time, I bled and had a clot but it went away by the start of my second trimester. I had a couple other episodes of spotting during my pregnancy but never any bright red bleeding like early on. They never did figure out what caused it. I was terrified because I had lots of cramping and Braxton-hicks contractions that started early and were strong my entire pregnancy. I still made it to 38 weeks.

I'm so glad your Dr. called you back and did an U/S. He probably realized he was being a jerk for not doing so sooner. You deserve to have as much reassurance as is available. All the best to you, I’ll keep sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!!

Emily said...

Hey Yvette. Thinking of you still, and hoping everything goes well. Have fun at Orion's party today!!!