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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ultrasound update.

7 weeks 0 days

When I arrive at the u/s clinic I was surprized not to have to wait to long. Then the girl took me to the back and gave me a gown (which I new was the wrong gown, I mentioned it to her) that is when the other girl came up and said oh you need to give her this one. As they walked away the I heard the one say "I never seen one come in for that early of one..."

I put on the blue gown and sit and wait and once again I hear my name sooner then I I peek out of my dressing room to see a guy u/s tech and well the thoughts that went thru my head I was hoping so hard that I would not
need a vaginal u/s (because there was no way I'd want him to do it, a Dr is different). So he asks the normal questions "when my last af was" "how many pg's I have had" "How many children I have" Then he tells me to hop on the table (please no vaginal pleeease) I pull the gown up as he asks he then places the paper sheet on the lower half (I am thinking ok this is weird) I then ask him for pictures, yes I know it is just a blob but we want pics please.

As he was scanning my belly I saw that wonderful sight right away, my baby's heart beating....breathe........ and no vaginal u/s

Introducing baby #2:
(click to see a bigger pic)

Baby is measuring 6w3d I am 7w today, heart rate was 125bpm which is good. He also should me the Subchorionic Hematoma pic below

Ultrasound all done time to see the Dr. Which is a short 30sec walk across the hall.

Dr O walks in and looks at me and ask "I have seen you before?" I said "yes you watched me with my last pg" he said "Oh yes, how is your son doing? He was born early right?" me "He is doing great and yes born at 33w" He said baby is looking good so far and that there is still some bleeding around it, they will keep an eye on it. Then he is looking at my chart and asks if Dr S was referring me back to him? I said she has not mentioned it yet. Dr O said that he wants too see me again, so he will make a note of it in my file and mention it to Dr S. He then asked if I was back on the IVIG. Yes I am. Then he said I will
definantly be watching you not many other Dr's other then the fertility clinic know much about the IVIG treatments.
Dr O also said that in theory my UU should hold this pg a bit longer maybe a week or two more but I am not guaranteed that he said I am pretty sure you will have another preemie..... You are a complicate

Nice to know I am complicated but I am gald he will be my Dr once again.

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