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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

6 weeks 1 day pg today

still don't feel pg, and that has me worried some. Ultrasound is booked for the 12th next week, holding my breathe till then....

About You
Your uterus is the size of a plum, your breasts may be incredibly tender, and, ugh, you may start feeling some odd symptoms, though for some women the morning sickness doesn't kick in until later (if at all).

About Your Baby
This week your embryo is working very hard to begin growing its nervous system. There's a primitive heart now, and just wait until it can show you its love! Tiny buds have appeared, and if all goes well, these will someday be arms to hug you and legs to kick at you during temper tantrums. By now, your baby displays reflexes in response to a touch! This means his nervous system is communicating with his primitive muscle cells. This communication forms the foundation of all your baby's behavior even after birth.


Just another Jenny said...

Congratulations! I know those pictures are realistic but they never fail to scare me into thinking I'm having an alien!

LynAnne said...

I've found that each of my 4 pregnancies has been very different when it comes to morning sickness. I barely had any queasiness the first two times, was sick from day one to week 38 with the third, and this time I didn't get sick until week 7 when it hit me like a freight train. Ugh! Oh, and the first time I took several pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe I was pregnant because I had no symptoms.

Good luck with your ultrasound next week! I know it means a lot to you to have that reassurance.