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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well guess what has opened... yup my Cervix..

and for some odd reason I am

So Good Ole Dr had the nurse give me my 1st Steroid shot today and I go back tomorrow around 3:30pm (24hr later) for the next one. When he was checking my cervix he said yup there is change and you have opened so we need to give you the steroid now and I laid there shocked...WHY... I don't

So Today I am 31w by my last AF but by u/s I will be 31w on Saturday. I go for another u/s on Thrusday and see how open I am.

You know I have been having such crappy sleeps for the last couple of nights too.
As for the NICU situation it seems to be ok at the moment.

I guess I should pack my bags eh.

Hoping for another 4wks at least

Oh and would you not know, My mum and sis came to clean house today so they watched Orion for me as I went to the Dr and when I got to the office a parking spot was free right at the front doors and it was not that cold either. When I got into the office my wait was short... go figure... since I did not have Orion with me everything w
ent fast and smooth not the he ever minded.

B/P was 128/76
Urine Normal
Weight ~ (134lbs)

See Dr next Thrusday

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play date day.....

For Orion.

We met with S and her dd C for a play date at the mall kiddie area, the 1st time we took the kids here. As we walked in the play area the ground was softly padded, nice to know that if they fell they would not be hurt even the climbing stuff was soft.

Orion surprised me we were not in the play area for even 2min and he was off crawling to the 1st thing got up and start walking to the next. I was kind of shocked my little boy left me behind, he was climbing everything he could. I did see him look back for me few times to make sure I was still around made me feel good he still wants mommy close... He had so much fun the smiles on his little face melted my heart.
Once he figured out that he could climb one thing then slide down the other side he was in heaven, he even new to turn his but around to go down smiling all the
way...again without mommy's help. My little boy wants to do it on his own first and if he can not then he looks to me for help.

He did not freak out when kids came up to him he'd just squeal and laugh with them, I had to think this is my boy... he normally starts to cry when a stranger looks or comes up to him, not today.

We were there for 1hr 45min and Orion and C were non stop the whole time, I took 97photos of I love Digital.

The pics are not the greatest because I was playing with my I was fooling around with the settings, getting to know my Canon XTi.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A box fell on my back

When I was at Micheals craft store today.

I was in the isle and stopped to give Orion a snack and moved to the side of the cart for his bag and BANG right on my back it took me a second that something fell on me, it hit me just below my shoulder blades. If I did not move to the side of the cart when I did it would of nailed Orion square on the head. I said loud enough to the person on the other side to be carefull & when she came to the other side to pick up the box I said to her that it just missed my son and hit me. Her only response was OH..picked up the box and walked away, no sorry or are you ok just, oh.. (yes she was an employee)

Rilon is moving like crazy so I am not to worried.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Here it the video of Orion walking

It took the whole day to upload this video youtube must be busy...

Orion Walking

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More then one

Step that is....... Orion is finally WALKING YEAH! (I say that now)

On Valentines Day I was cleaning up some because I had a friend "Missy" coming in from out of town. As I was wiping the counter tops down I hear this joyus giggle coming Orion so I look over at him and his is standing up eveys right on me and then he did it he took 5steps to me, I cheered and cheered clapping my hands, even laughing himself as he feel but got right back up again... He kept doing this then I thought to myself I better catch this on video for daddy (so he'd beleive

When Auntie Missy arrived Orion played shy for a bit but a few hours later he was showing off his new talent he kept Walking and walking for her.

Daddy got home later so I could only show him the video of his boy walking and Dh said well Happy Valentines Day to

here are some photos of him walking in the morning...
(click on pic to see bigger)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

29w Dr update

29 weeks today

Cervix still closed nice and tight.
Rilon's Heart rate was 148bpm.
my bp was 119/60
Weight was 59.8kg (about 132lbs) I think I have gained only 15lbs so far, not bad since I gained 23lbs I think with Orion.

I asked how the NICU/SCN were doing since he is one of the head guys on that floor aswell, Dr said that yes it is tight but the media is also making more of it then it is. He said that most likely I will not be shipped out but the possiblitiy is there. He mentioned that last year 6 were shipped out within Canada from here and this yr they have had to send out 4 including one to the states. I asked about passport he said good question but you would not need one not sure about dh.

He said I was doing well, I even said I think I may just make it a bit further then I did with Orion (have not had many tightens for the last week) he said yeah maybe a week or two more.

I asked about being able to take anything for my cold stuffy nose he said NO not to take anything, Guess I have to ride it out.....

It was one of the coldest days of the week so far -20c and I had to walk a distance to the Dr office since the office parking was full (Dr office is at the Hospital). The roads were slippery one girl fell down beside me as we were walking.... I asked if she was ok, secretly thankful that it was not me. On Monday there was over 200 accidents because the icy road conditions, if people would only learn to slow down in this weather...

Next appointment in 2weeks.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will this ever END....

I have yet another cold! Grrrrrrr

I my nose is going non stop my eyes are watering and my head is achy plus I feel sleepy no energy what so ever...... WHY (yes I am whining) I feel like doing this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cervix update...

28w 2d (27w 5d)

Cervix measured 31mm which is great...whew!

I was at the u/s clinic for 3 hrs yes 3 flipping hours!
My appointment was for 10am. When we got there the room was full so I knew it would be somewhat of a wait but not 3hrs, good thing DH drove his own car because he had a massage client at 12pm. My name was called after 1hr to come back to the Questioning room (make sure everything is up to date) then they took us to another waiting area to wait for the u/s tech. Two other couples came in right behind us and they were taken into the u/s rooms before us...hmmmm. Good thing my bladder was not full. Finally after about 30min a tech came and got us, said she was a student. Started the scan everything looking great with Rilon he was moving all over once again. Dh had to leave a few minute into it and that made Orion cry and cry (good thing he does not have one of those lose scream cries) he settled down after about 15min. Then another tech came in (the teacher) said she wanted to re check my placenta... I am thinking my placenta?? I have not even seen my cervix scanned yet and thought maybe I missed it when Orion was crying.

U/S done (or so I thought) they lead me to another waiting area for the Dr to talk to me which was about 30 to 45min wait again........ Thank god for treats for Orion because of all days this was the day he did not want to eat breakfast right away so he only had had milk and it was running into his nap time, yet he was a good little trooper and I thought that I'd be in and out of the u/s clinic with in the 1hr or 1.5hr....never assume, I should know that by now.

Dr finally come into the room asks me if they did the trans vaginal u/s? I said no, as a matter of fact while sitting in here I was thinking they did not check my cervix because I do now what it looks like now. Dr said hmm they gave me a measurement and it looks fine but I did not see the scan in the back either, yet they say it was measuring good so we will book you again in 2 to 3weeks. Up I go to the front desk to re-book and get my photos of Rilon when I see the good Dr come out and walk up to me, I smiled and said let me guess you need me to come back. She said sorry I just am not happy with it. So back Orion and I go, wait 10min tech come to get me give me a room tells me to take my pants and underwear off and leaves, I do as she asks and 3sec later she comes back and says oh they want you in another room.... I am thinking is this day going to end. Put my pants back on and go to another room get scanned and all looks great we are free to go...We get back up to the front desk to get the photos and they said that I did not have to pay and that they were so sorry for the long wait.... it is now 1pm.

Orion passed out in a matter of seconds as I put him in his car seat. Got home he slept till 3 then we went to our play date and S & C place.

Good thing I am an easy going person, I do get impaitent but I don't show it (what is the sense to get mad)

I will post the photos later tonight. Alos the some of the video clip of Rilon for the other day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No room for moms-to-be in S. Alberta


If I go into labor now I will be shipped to Montana or somewhere else other then here.

There are no beds available for nicu. This is not something I want to add to my stress of mostly having a preemie. My Dr's keep stressing to me I will not have a full term baby. Now I have to worry about being shipped out, what about DH and Orion I am praying That Rilon stays put for 5 more weeks then I will be 33w, I just don't know I have been having tons of hardings Drs want to do the steroid shot next week I have an u/s tomorrow to see how things are going........ Man I do not need to worry about something else which adds to me to worry about my son and DH.

I really need a miracle that Beds open up or that Rilon stays put longer then expected.

It is a big thing in the news here at the moment.

Had last IVIG on Monday

28weeks (tuesday)

Went well.

I felt sorry for this older guy that came in they could not find a vein on him and took them 45min and 6pokes before I left so I am not sure if the had any success.

5 more weeks till I reach 33w.

Also went for my GD test, will find out about that next Dr appt which in on the 12th.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dr Update

27 week Dr appointment

My normal Dr O was called away on a personal emergency so I so Dr B today. When the nurse told me this and mentioned Dr B my mind went back to William, he was the Dr I was to start to see but they took a long time to make the appointment and when they finally did I lost William 1 week before the appointment.

We (Orion and I) waited 1 1/2 hrs to see him since he had to see all of Dr O patients too (talk about backed up) While waiting there was this little boy same age as Orion walking around and then when I look at him one time he had his hand down the front of his diaper all I could think was is this what I am in for next I am keeping Orion in a onsie at all

When I finally saw Dr B, he was nice and told me again about Dr O and that not to worry I have not lost him as a He read thru my chart and said he was not going to attempt to check my cervix since I have been have contractions (tighten) he mentioned the steroid shots. He then measure my belly and laughed at the loppiness of it and when I said that is my UU he said then you defiantly should get the steroid shot at your next appointment because you will have another preemie most likely. Then he felt my belly and said you are oddly shaped like a banana but with more of a curve.

Urine ~ Normal
Weight ~ 60.0kg = 132lbs
B/P ~ 111/69
Rilon's H/B ~ 150bpm

Next appointment on Tuesday Feb 13th.
Go for GD test on Monday after my last IVIG