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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dr Update

27 week Dr appointment

My normal Dr O was called away on a personal emergency so I so Dr B today. When the nurse told me this and mentioned Dr B my mind went back to William, he was the Dr I was to start to see but they took a long time to make the appointment and when they finally did I lost William 1 week before the appointment.

We (Orion and I) waited 1 1/2 hrs to see him since he had to see all of Dr O patients too (talk about backed up) While waiting there was this little boy same age as Orion walking around and then when I look at him one time he had his hand down the front of his diaper all I could think was is this what I am in for next I am keeping Orion in a onsie at all

When I finally saw Dr B, he was nice and told me again about Dr O and that not to worry I have not lost him as a He read thru my chart and said he was not going to attempt to check my cervix since I have been have contractions (tighten) he mentioned the steroid shots. He then measure my belly and laughed at the loppiness of it and when I said that is my UU he said then you defiantly should get the steroid shot at your next appointment because you will have another preemie most likely. Then he felt my belly and said you are oddly shaped like a banana but with more of a curve.

Urine ~ Normal
Weight ~ 60.0kg = 132lbs
B/P ~ 111/69
Rilon's H/B ~ 150bpm

Next appointment on Tuesday Feb 13th.
Go for GD test on Monday after my last IVIG

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