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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No room for moms-to-be in S. Alberta


If I go into labor now I will be shipped to Montana or somewhere else other then here.

There are no beds available for nicu. This is not something I want to add to my stress of mostly having a preemie. My Dr's keep stressing to me I will not have a full term baby. Now I have to worry about being shipped out, what about DH and Orion I am praying That Rilon stays put for 5 more weeks then I will be 33w, I just don't know I have been having tons of hardings Drs want to do the steroid shot next week I have an u/s tomorrow to see how things are going........ Man I do not need to worry about something else which adds to me to worry about my son and DH.

I really need a miracle that Beds open up or that Rilon stays put longer then expected.

It is a big thing in the news here at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable. That province with all it's money and growing population and it's not spending money on hospital beds?!
Orion and O will be fine, you have lots of family there who love them and will take the reins. Just take care of yourself and Rilon, the rest will fall into place. Men can step up when they have to :)) Sending you our good thoughts.
Love Gisele