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Friday, February 09, 2007

Cervix update...

28w 2d (27w 5d)

Cervix measured 31mm which is great...whew!

I was at the u/s clinic for 3 hrs yes 3 flipping hours!
My appointment was for 10am. When we got there the room was full so I knew it would be somewhat of a wait but not 3hrs, good thing DH drove his own car because he had a massage client at 12pm. My name was called after 1hr to come back to the Questioning room (make sure everything is up to date) then they took us to another waiting area to wait for the u/s tech. Two other couples came in right behind us and they were taken into the u/s rooms before us...hmmmm. Good thing my bladder was not full. Finally after about 30min a tech came and got us, said she was a student. Started the scan everything looking great with Rilon he was moving all over once again. Dh had to leave a few minute into it and that made Orion cry and cry (good thing he does not have one of those lose scream cries) he settled down after about 15min. Then another tech came in (the teacher) said she wanted to re check my placenta... I am thinking my placenta?? I have not even seen my cervix scanned yet and thought maybe I missed it when Orion was crying.

U/S done (or so I thought) they lead me to another waiting area for the Dr to talk to me which was about 30 to 45min wait again........ Thank god for treats for Orion because of all days this was the day he did not want to eat breakfast right away so he only had had milk and it was running into his nap time, yet he was a good little trooper and I thought that I'd be in and out of the u/s clinic with in the 1hr or 1.5hr....never assume, I should know that by now.

Dr finally come into the room asks me if they did the trans vaginal u/s? I said no, as a matter of fact while sitting in here I was thinking they did not check my cervix because I do now what it looks like now. Dr said hmm they gave me a measurement and it looks fine but I did not see the scan in the back either, yet they say it was measuring good so we will book you again in 2 to 3weeks. Up I go to the front desk to re-book and get my photos of Rilon when I see the good Dr come out and walk up to me, I smiled and said let me guess you need me to come back. She said sorry I just am not happy with it. So back Orion and I go, wait 10min tech come to get me give me a room tells me to take my pants and underwear off and leaves, I do as she asks and 3sec later she comes back and says oh they want you in another room.... I am thinking is this day going to end. Put my pants back on and go to another room get scanned and all looks great we are free to go...We get back up to the front desk to get the photos and they said that I did not have to pay and that they were so sorry for the long wait.... it is now 1pm.

Orion passed out in a matter of seconds as I put him in his car seat. Got home he slept till 3 then we went to our play date and S & C place.

Good thing I am an easy going person, I do get impaitent but I don't show it (what is the sense to get mad)

I will post the photos later tonight. Alos the some of the video clip of Rilon for the other day.

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Tammy said...

You are MORE than patient!!!! Wow! I would have lost it I think. I guess it must come from just knowing that you need this for Rilon's sake. What a good Mom! And what good boys you have, BOTH of them! SO sorry it was such a tough morning.

As for the nicu beds, if you need to come here, you are welcome to. And I mean that. I just checked the Royal Alex (the best NICU in the city with a maternity ward) and Stollery CHildren's and they both have availability (don't ask how I checked, lol!) but limited and who knows what it would be like later... I am just hoping and praying you make it PAST 33 weeks and on into the NICU-free zone. Miracle!