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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

29w Dr update

29 weeks today

Cervix still closed nice and tight.
Rilon's Heart rate was 148bpm.
my bp was 119/60
Weight was 59.8kg (about 132lbs) I think I have gained only 15lbs so far, not bad since I gained 23lbs I think with Orion.

I asked how the NICU/SCN were doing since he is one of the head guys on that floor aswell, Dr said that yes it is tight but the media is also making more of it then it is. He said that most likely I will not be shipped out but the possiblitiy is there. He mentioned that last year 6 were shipped out within Canada from here and this yr they have had to send out 4 including one to the states. I asked about passport he said good question but you would not need one not sure about dh.

He said I was doing well, I even said I think I may just make it a bit further then I did with Orion (have not had many tightens for the last week) he said yeah maybe a week or two more.

I asked about being able to take anything for my cold stuffy nose he said NO not to take anything, Guess I have to ride it out.....

It was one of the coldest days of the week so far -20c and I had to walk a distance to the Dr office since the office parking was full (Dr office is at the Hospital). The roads were slippery one girl fell down beside me as we were walking.... I asked if she was ok, secretly thankful that it was not me. On Monday there was over 200 accidents because the icy road conditions, if people would only learn to slow down in this weather...

Next appointment in 2weeks.

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