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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well guess what has opened... yup my Cervix..

and for some odd reason I am

So Good Ole Dr had the nurse give me my 1st Steroid shot today and I go back tomorrow around 3:30pm (24hr later) for the next one. When he was checking my cervix he said yup there is change and you have opened so we need to give you the steroid now and I laid there shocked...WHY... I don't

So Today I am 31w by my last AF but by u/s I will be 31w on Saturday. I go for another u/s on Thrusday and see how open I am.

You know I have been having such crappy sleeps for the last couple of nights too.
As for the NICU situation it seems to be ok at the moment.

I guess I should pack my bags eh.

Hoping for another 4wks at least

Oh and would you not know, My mum and sis came to clean house today so they watched Orion for me as I went to the Dr and when I got to the office a parking spot was free right at the front doors and it was not that cold either. When I got into the office my wait was short... go figure... since I did not have Orion with me everything w
ent fast and smooth not the he ever minded.

B/P was 128/76
Urine Normal
Weight ~ (134lbs)

See Dr next Thrusday

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Tammy said...

Oh Yvette. Praying he stays put awhile longer. Each day is precious huh? Call me if you need anything. I have my cell on all the time, just for you!!! Hugs to you Orion and Rilon!!!