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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Had u/s today

and they said all looks fine, cervix looks great said it measures around 3cm (30mm) and when I said to the Dr P there that Dr O felt a difference in my cervix by doing the internal, Dr P then said oh yeah at this stage it is more accurate with the internal then by u/s... (can we say someone covering there buts) As I was watching the girl scan I noticed Ri was not his active self and that he was also pretty low head looked like it was engage and ready to be born... I feel I have a few more weeks, but you just never really know do you.

I went and got my hair cut today as well, My dh works at a Spa as a massage therapist (no not lucky me...) but instead of me having to pay he traded services with the stylist so now she gets a nice massage for cutting my hair and she did an awesome job. It was the 1st time I have go to her and I will be back, finally someone who was not afraid to get right in there and cut and do a different style on me and it is different because Lil O was not so sure of me when I got home took him about an 1/2 to warm up to mommy's new
I took a before and after shot on my cell phone but S did not save it so I think they are lost I will post a pic later this week since I need to do a belly photo.

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