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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ri is now in Regina SK

My mum & I are leaving tonight and should arrive at 11pm, nurse called and said he arrived safely.

Praying for a short stay, I want to be home with my other boy, I feel guilty leaving him and that he will be upset with me for being away from him.... I am torn either way.

thanks again

I hope they have internet so I can update.


Lynanne said...

Don't feel guilty about being with Rilon. It will be good for Orion to have some good solid daddy time (and it's good for daddy too!).

I feel for you though. My second son was hospitalized (PICU, not NICU) for 3 weeks when he was a newborn. I stayed with him and my husband took care of our 18-month-old first son. My husband struggled, my son acted up and I felt horrible that I couldn't help.

In the end, it gave my husband a lot more confidence as a parent and me the confidence to step back a little more. Plus, my new son and I got lots of one-on-one bonding time that we wouldn't have had if I had to take care of a active toddler.

Godspeed to both you and Rilon (and your mom too)!

Tammy said...

((((Yvette)))))... I am so sure you feel completely torn between your two babies. It'll be tough being away from Orion but I know he's in good hands. Rilon needs you to be there with him. Hoping and praying Rilon grows like crazy so he can come home.