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Friday, March 16, 2007

Still pg at the moment......

33w3d (32w6d u/s)

Ri's movements have slowed down a bunch, I get a few good moves here and there but not like he use to give me. I seem to have to pee much more often these last 2 days and my tummy is getting hard more too they seem harder and tighter if that makes any
Wakes me at night now, even when I try to roll from one side to the other it is like a rock..

My sis J is saying Wednesday your having him...
lol (I don't think so myself) I do have a Dr appointment on Tuesday we will see what he has to say.

I don't know maybe I am
tring to read my body to much...

Oh and my
veins, I see pretty much every vein in my belly and breasts (it reminds me when you look at a ski mountain from a distance and you see all the runs down the hill) I remember when I had my laporascopy the Drs mentioned on all my they were all impressed at how well they could see them just looking at my tummy when they put me out and had the lights on

I still feel April is the month
when Ri will grace us.

Thank for reading I just had to get it out, even if it is silly of me.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Hey Rilon, listen to Auntie Tammy... I know you want to meet your Mommy, Daddy and Brother but could you stay in there awhile longer? Be sweet and listen to me, okay?

Yvette... if I'm not mistaken you are past the milestone when Orion was delivered right? I am praying you always, ONE MORE DAY!

Stay in there lil guy!!! You are such a miracle!!!