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Saturday, March 10, 2007

what to go by?

By Ultrasound I am 32weeks today but by last AF I am 32w4d. Dr is going by u/s so I guess I am 32w. Last Dr Update was on the 8th (yeah I am a bit late in posting this) I think it was one of the fastest appointments I have had yet. Appt was for 3:05pm and I was back in my car at 3:22pm.... seem unreal right??lol Anyways, He measured the belly listened to Ri's heart rate 135bmp. Dr said since I got the steroids it does not matter the he check me internally then he pause and looked at me at said that did not sound right, it does matter but I do not want to mess with you anymore then need and the steroids will help if anything should happen. my weight ~ 136.lbs (62.0 kg) B/P ~ 108/72 everything else is normal. Next appointment on Mar 20th.

Something neat:

32 Weeks Gestation
  • The lungs are still developing.
  • Body temperature is partially under control.
  • The skin is thicker, with more color.
  • The connections between the nerve cells in the brain have increased.
  • There is a good chance of long-term survival and the risk of long-term disability is low.
  • The weight is about 3 to 3 3/4 pounds.
  • The length is about 16 to 17 inches.

Guess this is how Ri may be laying inside me, does not look very comfy does

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