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Friday, March 23, 2007

The dam breaks

Dh took me to the airport with O and I held my boy up till I had to enter the gate, as we walked closed the the loading gate my eyes filled with tears and the dam broke I could not keep them back I just look at dh and smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

O looked at me wondering what was going on, then changed his attention to other things around him. I finally gave him one last big hug and Dh too and made my way thru the gate with mum, I looked back and waved. Dh waved and was holding O who was just staring at me. I kept walking and when I looked back again I did not see them (thought they left already) . Dh later told me that they were still there and he saw me look back again but at that time someone walk in front of them and blocked my view. I guess O started to freak when he saw me walking further away from him and tried to run after me, dh had to hold him back and I guess Or started to cry and reaching out for me. I did not see or hear any of this which is probably a good thing would of made it that much harder to leave.

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