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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 1 in Regina

Saw Ri today he looks good, what a cute little guy he is.

1st off the hospital is confusing but we found our way got into the NICU (which is a very different set up from home) . Mum and I scrub and the nurse led us to Ri, his little area was cornered off and when I looked in the nurse Sharon was holding him I was kind of taken back of what she was wearing. She had on a Yellow mask, yellow gown and blue gloves. The nurse explained why they had to wear the lovely outfits for now (b/c he came from a different hospital and he was being "quarantined" and tested if anything other then him came, meaning germs. Which is why we had to wear the get up. They had to wait for is tests to come back - )

The Nurse Sharon said Ri had a few bottles and is doing well. He is still a bit Jaundice so he will be put back under the lights. We tried breastfeeding at his 4pm feeding and Ri did very well, I was very impressed because he opened wide and pretty much lunged for my nipple and sucked away (kind of freaked me out at how fast he was). I left the Hospital at 6:30pm for the night, I was pretty tired.

My breasts were starting to get very engorged again, it started on the plan ride to Regina. When we got to the Hospital I mentioned this to the nurse (this was before I tried to breast feed him) she asked if I could breast feed to bring them down, I said they are quite full and tight, but I could try and wait till the 4pm feed. She went on her break and about 10minutes later I was hurting my breast were so hard and uncomfortable that I had to pump, I asked a different nurse to show me the pumping room. She saw how hard and tight I was and when My nurse came back she came to my pumping room with warm clothes to cover my breast with to help the flow and ease my discomfort some. She then brought me some water to drink and more warm clothes, she laughed and said this is when you need more hands, that is when I asked her for some elastic bands. She gave me a funny look but went and got them for me. I then showed her how I go hands free while pumping, she was impressed and went to get another nurse to

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