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Monday, July 30, 2007

My heart just jump

right out of my chest or very close to it . Orion got hurt at the store today and I feel like the worst mother ever. Why is it that you try to be very careful with your kids and other don't pay much attention to there own and MINE gets hurt.
This is one of those infamous cart incidents, Orion leaned over trying to reach another cart which I had pushed a way from him moments before because he could fall over trying to reach it. Well no matter how far I pushed it away he was intent on trying to reach it and out he went. It happened so fast yet so slow, I tried to reach him to stop falling but since kids are top heavy over he went feet up in the air ( a cartwheel motion) and his head hit the bottom of the cart then the ground. I dropped what I was holding and took the one step to get to him. I picked him up check over his head and saw that he already had a bump and bruise on his forehead and on the side, then I just held him close to me as I let him cry as we sat in the middle of the isle of Wal-mart with me whispering I am sorry it is ok let it out I am so so sorry, kissing him over and over and over. As we are sitting on the floor I started to think it could of been worst he could of took Ri with him, could of kick the carseat over of even the whole cart could of tipped over...I don't want to think of that...Oh G*D.
When he settled some I gave him some juice then I moved Ri to the cart and sat Orion in the seat part (these carts are not big enough). On they way to the baby section of the store what do I see a kid the same age as Orion in the cart (basket part) standing all by himself I looked around for the parent and I could seen none no one and that made me mad I because I was standing right there and MY son fell out and yet here is this kid all by himself and nothing, are they waiting for something to happen..... while I always try to prevent it.

I can not get that vision out of my head, I feel so bad and guilty and so mad that they don't make the carts like they have a Cosco.

Orion seems ok he was back to his ole self in a matter of minutes, we are home and he is napping I am checking on him ever 20min also I have his monitoer up high so I hear him breathing.

A bad mommy day for me today.....

Let this be a lesson for you all out there DO NOT LET your CHILD STAND IN THE CART BASKET part if they have to be in it and PLEASE NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE CART. I was even careful and it still happened.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some photos

Here is Lil O at 22m, I took this at my sister J house:

Here is Ri at 3 months:

My new do, cut a lot off (I'd like to no where all this hair comes from because my mum and Sisters do not have as much as I, I think it is from my grandma on my mums side).

I have also updated the boys photo galleries ------>

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Behind or what...

That is me, I have fallen behind on my blog and other things.

I have be fighting with the computer again it was moving oh so very slow. So dh and I cleared some things off it and in doing so I messed up my photo shop CS2 which took me a couple of days to try and fix it, I was getting a bit I need to play with my photos. It is up and running good now.

Went a bought a new car seat for Ri the other day. I got the same kind I have for Lil O it is just a different color. As we were in the store (Mum and B) the sales lady came up and spoke with mum (I was looking at the seat) and I heard mum say we are here for a car seat for the wee guy and the sales lady said Oh he does not have a car seat? I said he has one but it is the bucket seat and he does not like it much. Then she looked at the one I was looking at and took the number down and walked away, I though ok she is going to check something on it?? She came back asked for my # then said I could pick it up at the docking area. I looked at her and said well I am not sure I want it yet I need to try my son in it 1st to make sure he sits in it fine. Ri fit fine it it he was smiling away while he sat in Mum and B had gift cards they put towards it which took $50.00 off it (every little bit helps) Before we picked it up at the docks we went down the mall to Wally world and as I was in line up there this women asked if she could have my cart, she was behind me as I looked at B and asked if he still needed it and when I turn towards the lady we both looked at each other and was shocked to see each other we said each others names at the same time and laughed. We grew up on the same street when I was a kid and my parents were still together, he little sis and I were best buds. I have not seen her in about 20 She does not look so tall anymore which means I have grown over the years.

When we got back to mums I put the new seat in the car had a cup of tea and we were on our way to a friends house for a visit. Orion played well there even when the little girl sprayed him with the hose he did not flinch (it was hot out so it probably felt good to It was another late night for the boys but they did good again.

Oh and I got my hair cut yesterday, it was below my bra strap and now it sits at my shoulders and she straightened my hair. I like the cut but still debating on the length of it (good thing my hair grows like a weed) I think I may like it a bit longer. She also kept commenting on how much hair I have, guess I have a lot of it and

For the last week Ri has been sleeping for 6 to 7hrs a night (that is when I go to bed at midnight) he actually falls asleep at 9pm and I wake him to feed at midnight when I go to bed and he sleeps thru his feed (dream feeds they call it) then we sleep till then he wakes up at 7a-7:30am

Lil O sure likes to copy what you say now, so we have to be careful in what we say good thing we do not swear in this house it is the other people we have to worry about.

that is my update for the moment... I will be updating photos real soon... Oh I did get some scrapbooking done I will take pics of them too.

Wordless Wednesday

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Gosh where have the days gone.....

This is my son holding my hand

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ri made mommy want to CRY

what a nightmare of a day it was yesterday afternoon, he just would not stop SCREAMING. Lil 'O was holding his head and mommy was on the verge of tears. When dh came home all he had to do was look at me and he knew so he took Ri from me.

I am having a bit of a hard time with this little boy of mine, every time I try to go to the park or where ever Ri starts to scream his little head off, sometimes I still go out but most of it I just stay in.....I am a cooped up mommy a friend even called me a hermit the other day.

Am I bad to want a break from Rilon, I feel bad because I tried so hard for these boys and now I am asking for a break from one...

things i like less (or hate)

I have been tagged by Daisy with "things I hate" meme .

Hate hate hate hmmm I try not to use that word.

1. Food you hate – Not a sea food fan at all
2. Fruits you hate – I can not think of the name
3. Veggies that you hate - Broccoli
4. Celebrities or people that you hate – The ones that act stupid on purpose
5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate – sickness & death in the family & loved ones
6. TV shows or movies that you hate – Little bear drive me nuts & Ruby and max (no adult show come to mind at the moment and I know there are a few I don't like)
7. Type of music that you hate – Hard rock or punk
8. Household chore that you hate – Laundry (which I happen to be doing at the moment)
9. Things you hate about the world – All these different Religions (why can they not get along)
10. Things you hate about yourself – That I am finding it hard to get out! And that I do not call my friends as often as I should.

Tag your it.... Lynanne, Shielalee & Jules

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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I have not forgotton

about blogging just been busy with a tiny little guy who seems to demand my attention...

It has been nice here for the last week and so I decided to go to the park ( I have not been out to much, call me a hermit) but as usual Ri starts to scream his head off then it sets Lil O off and I try to get things ready to go out and while I do this I am thinking is it really worth it... to go out....yes, yes it is. Lil O needs to get out as do I, Ri will get used to it in time I guess.

We survived and Ri fell asleep while Lil O and I played, it was a nice hour of fun.