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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Behind or what...

That is me, I have fallen behind on my blog and other things.

I have be fighting with the computer again it was moving oh so very slow. So dh and I cleared some things off it and in doing so I messed up my photo shop CS2 which took me a couple of days to try and fix it, I was getting a bit I need to play with my photos. It is up and running good now.

Went a bought a new car seat for Ri the other day. I got the same kind I have for Lil O it is just a different color. As we were in the store (Mum and B) the sales lady came up and spoke with mum (I was looking at the seat) and I heard mum say we are here for a car seat for the wee guy and the sales lady said Oh he does not have a car seat? I said he has one but it is the bucket seat and he does not like it much. Then she looked at the one I was looking at and took the number down and walked away, I though ok she is going to check something on it?? She came back asked for my # then said I could pick it up at the docking area. I looked at her and said well I am not sure I want it yet I need to try my son in it 1st to make sure he sits in it fine. Ri fit fine it it he was smiling away while he sat in Mum and B had gift cards they put towards it which took $50.00 off it (every little bit helps) Before we picked it up at the docks we went down the mall to Wally world and as I was in line up there this women asked if she could have my cart, she was behind me as I looked at B and asked if he still needed it and when I turn towards the lady we both looked at each other and was shocked to see each other we said each others names at the same time and laughed. We grew up on the same street when I was a kid and my parents were still together, he little sis and I were best buds. I have not seen her in about 20 She does not look so tall anymore which means I have grown over the years.

When we got back to mums I put the new seat in the car had a cup of tea and we were on our way to a friends house for a visit. Orion played well there even when the little girl sprayed him with the hose he did not flinch (it was hot out so it probably felt good to It was another late night for the boys but they did good again.

Oh and I got my hair cut yesterday, it was below my bra strap and now it sits at my shoulders and she straightened my hair. I like the cut but still debating on the length of it (good thing my hair grows like a weed) I think I may like it a bit longer. She also kept commenting on how much hair I have, guess I have a lot of it and

For the last week Ri has been sleeping for 6 to 7hrs a night (that is when I go to bed at midnight) he actually falls asleep at 9pm and I wake him to feed at midnight when I go to bed and he sleeps thru his feed (dream feeds they call it) then we sleep till then he wakes up at 7a-7:30am

Lil O sure likes to copy what you say now, so we have to be careful in what we say good thing we do not swear in this house it is the other people we have to worry about.

that is my update for the moment... I will be updating photos real soon... Oh I did get some scrapbooking done I will take pics of them too.

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