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Monday, July 30, 2007

My heart just jump

right out of my chest or very close to it . Orion got hurt at the store today and I feel like the worst mother ever. Why is it that you try to be very careful with your kids and other don't pay much attention to there own and MINE gets hurt.
This is one of those infamous cart incidents, Orion leaned over trying to reach another cart which I had pushed a way from him moments before because he could fall over trying to reach it. Well no matter how far I pushed it away he was intent on trying to reach it and out he went. It happened so fast yet so slow, I tried to reach him to stop falling but since kids are top heavy over he went feet up in the air ( a cartwheel motion) and his head hit the bottom of the cart then the ground. I dropped what I was holding and took the one step to get to him. I picked him up check over his head and saw that he already had a bump and bruise on his forehead and on the side, then I just held him close to me as I let him cry as we sat in the middle of the isle of Wal-mart with me whispering I am sorry it is ok let it out I am so so sorry, kissing him over and over and over. As we are sitting on the floor I started to think it could of been worst he could of took Ri with him, could of kick the carseat over of even the whole cart could of tipped over...I don't want to think of that...Oh G*D.
When he settled some I gave him some juice then I moved Ri to the cart and sat Orion in the seat part (these carts are not big enough). On they way to the baby section of the store what do I see a kid the same age as Orion in the cart (basket part) standing all by himself I looked around for the parent and I could seen none no one and that made me mad I because I was standing right there and MY son fell out and yet here is this kid all by himself and nothing, are they waiting for something to happen..... while I always try to prevent it.

I can not get that vision out of my head, I feel so bad and guilty and so mad that they don't make the carts like they have a Cosco.

Orion seems ok he was back to his ole self in a matter of minutes, we are home and he is napping I am checking on him ever 20min also I have his monitoer up high so I hear him breathing.

A bad mommy day for me today.....

Let this be a lesson for you all out there DO NOT LET your CHILD STAND IN THE CART BASKET part if they have to be in it and PLEASE NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE CART. I was even careful and it still happened.


Lynanne said...

My heart hurt for you when I read this. Even though I know the dangers of a child riding in the basket rather than buckled in the seat, I do it all the time. With two kids under 2 it's impossible not to. The carseat takes up the entire basket - where can you put groceries? (some carts don't have lower racks).

Our horror story happened when my daughter stood up while I was looking around. I pushed the cart, she fell onto the wire basket and cut her lip open. There was blood everywhere and I couldn't see how bad the injury was, only that she cut both the inside and outside of her lip. I had a similar mommy melt-down. Oh how it hurts to see your child in pain and feel you had some part in it.

Daisy said...

oh that's really scary! I'm glad your baby is okay now.