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Thursday, November 30, 2006

A mini video clip I did

of Rilon's ultrasound

I also add the ultrasound photos to his photo site (to the right)

Ultrasound UPDATE

18w 2d

Well it was fun waking up at 6am (NOT) I woke 1min before my alarm was to go off. I got up searched for my clothes in the dark, had to find my mini flash light. tip toe to the bathroom (not to wake DH yet) get dress, do makeup and hair and then tip toe back out of the room. Time to wake Orion (what a little happy man he is) I see him on his tummy with his butt in the (that is when I need my camera on me) so I rub his back he snorts,and snorts again then he laughs and looks up at me.... Nice and easy to get the boy up. Get him dressed and fed, I drink my water and eat my cereal. Dh is up. We get out the door at 7:25am appointment is for 7:45am think we are going to make

8:05am we get to the clinic.

1st off I forgot what rush hour was like, sure glad I do not drive in that
Once again did not have to wait to long. It was the same tech as last time and she remembered us too.
The babe is doing great very very active, everything is perfect. The baby is measuring 17w6d I am 18w2d (in all the u/s baby has measured 3 to 4 days behind). She said the baby was a great one to do the u/s on.

So tell me what do you all think of the name - - - -

Rilon (Rye-lun) Clement.

Orion is going to have a little brother.

I will post more photos later, it is better to retake the pics at night time with my digital camera. The photo you see is from the movie from my old digital we brought with us, I will do a belly pic too. thanks again so much......

I can't believe another little boy!
I was thinking girl Guess I should of took the hint when I woke up with the name Rilon in my head 4 days before I found out I was

I told DH that for the next one (yup looks like we may try for that girl) we will have to do the deed BD,( aka baby dance) a few days before O to try for a girl because with Orion we BD on O day and with this one or shall I say Rilon we BD on O day too (
let me tell you that was a painfull O day too) I am not sure what is worse Ovulation pain or AF cramps. be sure to check back with the photo update later..... A boy! Wow!

Rilon is giving me jabs right oh which reminds me that my placenta is behind the baby(the back of my uu) that is why I am feeling him move more then I did with Orion, my placenta was up front.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DR update


1st off it was flipping cold out yesterday
-28 °F / -34 °C.

Well we get there and I am lucky to find a parking spot clostest to the building, I get out to pay for the parking which is $1.00 for every 20min so I put in $4.00 so I have 80 minutes to get in and out off the office. I get in to the clinic forget what floor to go to so I guess Floor 2 door open good guess. I push Orion up to the nurses desk and she tell me I need to go back to the front desk to get my papers, I get the papers, go in to the washroom to do the pee strip test which was normal, weigh myself which was 55.4kg / 122lbs then I sit to have my blood pressure taken still nice and good at 114/74, I then ask do I need to go sit in the waiting room she said nope I have a room for you (I was shocked, so very

As the nurse was asking my questions about my pg I heard the nurse directing Dr O to where I was so when I saw him I waved and he laughed "ah there you are" then looks at me and says "I saw you last year right?" I said "Yup you helped him (I point to Orion) get here" he looks at Orion and says "hmm good looking boy" Orion looks at him and smiles. Dr O then sits and starts to look over my chart, he then says "ah yes you are the one with the Unicornuate Uterus and on the IVIG" . We then went over my history he asked when my 18week u/s is, which is Thursday Dr O then said lay down and we will take a listen as he was looking for the doppler he mentioned for me to book another appoint in 4week (I was thinking what that is sure a long time) and we listened to the Babe's heart rate 155bpm then he said well that is good. He helped me up and then looked at me and said maybe I should check your cervix, which happened to be long and closed. as he helped me up again he said make sure at you u/s that they check your cervix as well tell them I asked them too. Then he said and book your next appointment for 2weeks considering your history we will keep watching you like we did with your last pg.

Next Dr O appt is Dec 12th.

I was in and out of there in 35min, n never fails I put to much money in the parking machine and and that is when the Dr Office is moving fast and if I'd put just $2 in they would of been slow..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dh & I went out

to his works Xmas party.

When he 1st mentioned it he was telling me that he was not going to go till his co-massage worker said her DH was going so dh said he was going to go now... I said can I not go?? He looked at me and said oh I did not think you'd want to. I said well Orion is older I feel fine with my mum watching him. He then said ok then we are going on a

Yes mum and B watched Orion for the night and stayed over.

DH and & went to the party the food was great (Lebanese food) then thru out the night we watched one to many people drinkng just a few too many, we swear one girl was on something else she bit another girls thumb (drew blood) and then at one point she came over to me and said in a drunken high drawl the she was going to drag me and my family to the dance floor... I said to her NO your DH was ready to jump across the table if she tried to. I was worried she was going to fall on me.

Then I went to the ladies room at one point and there were about 5 girls (in Early 20's) they were decided how high this one girl should be hiking up her skirt. When they finally came out her skirt was just below her but, and apparently she was not wearing underwear! She is a very pretty girl but she is coming off like a slut.... what an image to have.

DH and I got home around midnight because the restaurant turned in to a bar at 11pm and all it took was one to lite up his cigarette and all the others followed.... yuck!

We had fun, we dance some and laughed lots.

Ultrasound in 3 days ....

Thursday morning at 7:45am!

Hoping for open leg vibes and that all is well with this babe.
I can not believe I will be 18w tomorrow.

I will tell you I have been pretty emotional and scared for these upcoming weeks, getting closer to when I lost William makes me so nervous. I have been having some tummy Harding so I just lay down drink more water and they go away, I will mention it to my Dr Tomorrow I see the high risk Dr O at 1pm hopefully it is just my UU being irritable.

And I am still nauseous a lot.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ultrasound booked

for Nov 30 at 7:45am, when the nurse said that to me I had to have her repeat the I did not know they opened that early, man that means I have to get up no later then 6am get dressed eat wake Orion feed him (well I will get dh to do that while I am getting dressed since it only takes him a few minutes to get ready). I phoned my mum and told her when the u/s is and the a slowly said what time and she too had me repeat it, said oh um well not sure we will make that one that is to bad. After we hung up it was about 5min later the phone rings and it was my stepdad saying there was a mistake, I said mistake? he said yes we will not be missing the u/s we will be They are proud grandparents I will saw that for sure. (200% more then DH's side)

No tummy harding today so that is good.

So what do you all think is it Pink or Blue, hopefully we will get a good peak at the Babe's gender. I am thinking pink myself but hey there is a 50 50 chance of me getting that

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I am not sure but I think


I am feeling movements inside, it is like a weird flutter type thing then a jab, not a hard jab just something that I normally do not feel. I have also noticed that my tummy is get hard at times, so I drink lots of water and rest it seems to settle down(it happens more at night time while sleeping). If it keeps happening I will be calling my Dr on Monday. This is what happen to me with William but yet it feels different. Trust me I will be keeping a very close eye or hand on the tummy.


I finished William video montage, I cried a few times while doing it, but It is now done. I will post it on the day he was born which is Dec 21.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What is Orion up to....

Well my boy is all

He is turning into a stunt boy. He tries to climb the baby gate, He goes after the dog Misty and I am impressed with her because he takes her bone and she lets him (I do keep a very close eye on them together) and then there are the cats the now notice hOrion moves faster now but they let him touch them then they are out of

He is so close to taking his 1st steps, he pulls himself up then looks over at me and lets go and starts to go up on his tippy toes then he falls on his butt only to start all over again. He also has the little car he ride and likes to scare mommy by doing a pop a wheelie but going on the front tires not the back one, so I invision a face plant but he sees mommy having a heart attach and that is funny to that is my boy.

here are Orions look alikes.

Something fun, My Celebrity look alikes.....

I guess I can not
thanks to Stephanie
a buddy blog for the link Expressions of Luv

Dr update on the Babe

15w 3d

I went to Dr N on Friday (I had to go to her 1st before I see Dr O the high risk Dr) Dr N check everything out, did the lovely pap swab, I told her it has felt like forever since I have had one but it has only been 1yr. I guess with all the fertilty Dr looking at me I got use to it, having 1yr without any poking and Dr looking at me inside and out was a nice break.

So when it came time for her to check the heart beat, she seemed proud to show me it (I did not have the heart to tell her that I have a doppler at home so I smiled and said that is music to my ears. She said all is looking good and my uterus is measuring where it should be about 15weeks. She went by my last af but she nows that the babe is measuring 4days behind from the u/s's. Then she filled out my prescription for my thyroid and then the recquestion form for all the other tests I had to have. 5 viles of blood they took from me and one of them was really long, good thing needles do not bother me.

I am now waiting for Dr n office to call me back to let me know when my 18week u/s will be.


Last night I was having dreams of William and they kept waking me up, maybe I was having them because a friend was due yesterday to have had her baby boy J but instead 4months ago she had to say hello and goodbye to him and she showed a video that she did for his memory. That got me thinking aging that I wanted to do somthing for William, so yes I guess he has been on my mind alot lately, even my Dr N asked if I think of him often I told her yes I do.

I will make a video in memory of William and I will post it on the day that we had to say "Hello and Goodbye" to him. So thanks to Jules for finally making able to do it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I called Dr O


I mentioned that I was with the fertility clinic and that I am on the IVIG program and the my last baby was a premiee and that Dr O said he wanted to follow this pg aswell and the nurse I spoke with pulled up my name and saw that I was there last year but said she saw no referrals yet, the booking lady S was not in till Thursday. So I said I will call her tomorrow.

Well Thursday came and what do you know the booking nurse called me 1st. My appointment is set for Nov 28th at 1pm. I am to go to my "normal" Dr N 1st to get all the blood work done and to have her set up my 19week u/s, this thru me off because I did not have to do this with my pg with Orion.She then counted to what week I'd be when I saw them she said almost 18weeks (by my books from last af I will be 18w, the babe is still measuring 4days behind) The nurse said that she will fax all the info to Dr N this afternoon so I said then I will call her tomorrow, then and we hung up.

I went out and when I got home there was a message from Dr N's office that they received a fax from Dr O and that they want to set up an appointment very soon. It was to late to call back so I called Friday morning and Nurse R said hello I guess we need to set something up pretty So Friday it is on the 10th of Nov 10am.