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Monday, November 20, 2006

Ultrasound booked

for Nov 30 at 7:45am, when the nurse said that to me I had to have her repeat the I did not know they opened that early, man that means I have to get up no later then 6am get dressed eat wake Orion feed him (well I will get dh to do that while I am getting dressed since it only takes him a few minutes to get ready). I phoned my mum and told her when the u/s is and the a slowly said what time and she too had me repeat it, said oh um well not sure we will make that one that is to bad. After we hung up it was about 5min later the phone rings and it was my stepdad saying there was a mistake, I said mistake? he said yes we will not be missing the u/s we will be They are proud grandparents I will saw that for sure. (200% more then DH's side)

No tummy harding today so that is good.

So what do you all think is it Pink or Blue, hopefully we will get a good peak at the Babe's gender. I am thinking pink myself but hey there is a 50 50 chance of me getting that

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