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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ultrasound UPDATE

18w 2d

Well it was fun waking up at 6am (NOT) I woke 1min before my alarm was to go off. I got up searched for my clothes in the dark, had to find my mini flash light. tip toe to the bathroom (not to wake DH yet) get dress, do makeup and hair and then tip toe back out of the room. Time to wake Orion (what a little happy man he is) I see him on his tummy with his butt in the (that is when I need my camera on me) so I rub his back he snorts,and snorts again then he laughs and looks up at me.... Nice and easy to get the boy up. Get him dressed and fed, I drink my water and eat my cereal. Dh is up. We get out the door at 7:25am appointment is for 7:45am think we are going to make

8:05am we get to the clinic.

1st off I forgot what rush hour was like, sure glad I do not drive in that
Once again did not have to wait to long. It was the same tech as last time and she remembered us too.
The babe is doing great very very active, everything is perfect. The baby is measuring 17w6d I am 18w2d (in all the u/s baby has measured 3 to 4 days behind). She said the baby was a great one to do the u/s on.

So tell me what do you all think of the name - - - -

Rilon (Rye-lun) Clement.

Orion is going to have a little brother.

I will post more photos later, it is better to retake the pics at night time with my digital camera. The photo you see is from the movie from my old digital we brought with us, I will do a belly pic too. thanks again so much......

I can't believe another little boy!
I was thinking girl Guess I should of took the hint when I woke up with the name Rilon in my head 4 days before I found out I was

I told DH that for the next one (yup looks like we may try for that girl) we will have to do the deed BD,( aka baby dance) a few days before O to try for a girl because with Orion we BD on O day and with this one or shall I say Rilon we BD on O day too (
let me tell you that was a painfull O day too) I am not sure what is worse Ovulation pain or AF cramps. be sure to check back with the photo update later..... A boy! Wow!

Rilon is giving me jabs right oh which reminds me that my placenta is behind the baby(the back of my uu) that is why I am feeling him move more then I did with Orion, my placenta was up front.

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Lynanne said...

I am so thrilled for you!!!!!!! I love the name Rilon. Great choice! :)

FWIW, when I had my u/s with my 2nd child, I was a bit down that I wasn't having a girl. Now, I have absolutely no regrets. Not just because I had a girl, but because my boys have a bond that I don't think would have been the same if the 2nd was a girl. They are 18 months apart in age but have always been more like twins. They share everything - toys, games, you name it. It worries me sometimes because when they have friends over, the friends seem like outsiders. Of course they fight like siblings but it doesn't last long. If my husband wouldn't have agreed to have a 3rd child, I would have been content to be the mom of two boys. It's amazing to see them grow up together.

I have two other friends who are the moms of two boys (including one with boys 19 months apart). Their kids are all older than mine and they have had similar experiences. Hopefully it will be the same for Orion. He is one lucky kid. Ask a boy if he wants a brother or sister and what do you think his response will be ;)

Congrats again!!! I'm so happy that everything is going well for you