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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DR update


1st off it was flipping cold out yesterday
-28 °F / -34 °C.

Well we get there and I am lucky to find a parking spot clostest to the building, I get out to pay for the parking which is $1.00 for every 20min so I put in $4.00 so I have 80 minutes to get in and out off the office. I get in to the clinic forget what floor to go to so I guess Floor 2 door open good guess. I push Orion up to the nurses desk and she tell me I need to go back to the front desk to get my papers, I get the papers, go in to the washroom to do the pee strip test which was normal, weigh myself which was 55.4kg / 122lbs then I sit to have my blood pressure taken still nice and good at 114/74, I then ask do I need to go sit in the waiting room she said nope I have a room for you (I was shocked, so very

As the nurse was asking my questions about my pg I heard the nurse directing Dr O to where I was so when I saw him I waved and he laughed "ah there you are" then looks at me and says "I saw you last year right?" I said "Yup you helped him (I point to Orion) get here" he looks at Orion and says "hmm good looking boy" Orion looks at him and smiles. Dr O then sits and starts to look over my chart, he then says "ah yes you are the one with the Unicornuate Uterus and on the IVIG" . We then went over my history he asked when my 18week u/s is, which is Thursday Dr O then said lay down and we will take a listen as he was looking for the doppler he mentioned for me to book another appoint in 4week (I was thinking what that is sure a long time) and we listened to the Babe's heart rate 155bpm then he said well that is good. He helped me up and then looked at me and said maybe I should check your cervix, which happened to be long and closed. as he helped me up again he said make sure at you u/s that they check your cervix as well tell them I asked them too. Then he said and book your next appointment for 2weeks considering your history we will keep watching you like we did with your last pg.

Next Dr O appt is Dec 12th.

I was in and out of there in 35min, n never fails I put to much money in the parking machine and and that is when the Dr Office is moving fast and if I'd put just $2 in they would of been slow..

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