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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dr update on the Babe

15w 3d

I went to Dr N on Friday (I had to go to her 1st before I see Dr O the high risk Dr) Dr N check everything out, did the lovely pap swab, I told her it has felt like forever since I have had one but it has only been 1yr. I guess with all the fertilty Dr looking at me I got use to it, having 1yr without any poking and Dr looking at me inside and out was a nice break.

So when it came time for her to check the heart beat, she seemed proud to show me it (I did not have the heart to tell her that I have a doppler at home so I smiled and said that is music to my ears. She said all is looking good and my uterus is measuring where it should be about 15weeks. She went by my last af but she nows that the babe is measuring 4days behind from the u/s's. Then she filled out my prescription for my thyroid and then the recquestion form for all the other tests I had to have. 5 viles of blood they took from me and one of them was really long, good thing needles do not bother me.

I am now waiting for Dr n office to call me back to let me know when my 18week u/s will be.


Last night I was having dreams of William and they kept waking me up, maybe I was having them because a friend was due yesterday to have had her baby boy J but instead 4months ago she had to say hello and goodbye to him and she showed a video that she did for his memory. That got me thinking aging that I wanted to do somthing for William, so yes I guess he has been on my mind alot lately, even my Dr N asked if I think of him often I told her yes I do.

I will make a video in memory of William and I will post it on the day that we had to say "Hello and Goodbye" to him. So thanks to Jules for finally making able to do it.

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