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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I am not sure but I think


I am feeling movements inside, it is like a weird flutter type thing then a jab, not a hard jab just something that I normally do not feel. I have also noticed that my tummy is get hard at times, so I drink lots of water and rest it seems to settle down(it happens more at night time while sleeping). If it keeps happening I will be calling my Dr on Monday. This is what happen to me with William but yet it feels different. Trust me I will be keeping a very close eye or hand on the tummy.


I finished William video montage, I cried a few times while doing it, but It is now done. I will post it on the day he was born which is Dec 21.

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Lynanne said...

How exciting!!!! Isn't that the greatest feeling? I look forward to when its more noticeable but not yet uncomfortable.

The tightening of your uterus are probably just Braxton-Hicks contractions. I always seem to have a LOT of these starting very early on. This time they didn't really get going until 2 weeks ago or so. They aren't really painful but sometimes my uterus gets so tight/hard that it's a bit uncomfortable.

Talk to your doctor, not because they are worrisome (they are normal) but because he can tell you how many per hour he considers too many.