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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I called Dr O


I mentioned that I was with the fertility clinic and that I am on the IVIG program and the my last baby was a premiee and that Dr O said he wanted to follow this pg aswell and the nurse I spoke with pulled up my name and saw that I was there last year but said she saw no referrals yet, the booking lady S was not in till Thursday. So I said I will call her tomorrow.

Well Thursday came and what do you know the booking nurse called me 1st. My appointment is set for Nov 28th at 1pm. I am to go to my "normal" Dr N 1st to get all the blood work done and to have her set up my 19week u/s, this thru me off because I did not have to do this with my pg with Orion.She then counted to what week I'd be when I saw them she said almost 18weeks (by my books from last af I will be 18w, the babe is still measuring 4days behind) The nurse said that she will fax all the info to Dr N this afternoon so I said then I will call her tomorrow, then and we hung up.

I went out and when I got home there was a message from Dr N's office that they received a fax from Dr O and that they want to set up an appointment very soon. It was to late to call back so I called Friday morning and Nurse R said hello I guess we need to set something up pretty So Friday it is on the 10th of Nov 10am.

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