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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dh & I went out

to his works Xmas party.

When he 1st mentioned it he was telling me that he was not going to go till his co-massage worker said her DH was going so dh said he was going to go now... I said can I not go?? He looked at me and said oh I did not think you'd want to. I said well Orion is older I feel fine with my mum watching him. He then said ok then we are going on a

Yes mum and B watched Orion for the night and stayed over.

DH and & went to the party the food was great (Lebanese food) then thru out the night we watched one to many people drinkng just a few too many, we swear one girl was on something else she bit another girls thumb (drew blood) and then at one point she came over to me and said in a drunken high drawl the she was going to drag me and my family to the dance floor... I said to her NO your DH was ready to jump across the table if she tried to. I was worried she was going to fall on me.

Then I went to the ladies room at one point and there were about 5 girls (in Early 20's) they were decided how high this one girl should be hiking up her skirt. When they finally came out her skirt was just below her but, and apparently she was not wearing underwear! She is a very pretty girl but she is coming off like a slut.... what an image to have.

DH and I got home around midnight because the restaurant turned in to a bar at 11pm and all it took was one to lite up his cigarette and all the others followed.... yuck!

We had fun, we dance some and laughed lots.

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