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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I never knew it took a

a FULL day to put in air condition in the house which we did this last week and today they came to install the pure air filter system and cleaned out the furnace (which he said was pretty dirty, rocks and cement inside it) which took 7hrs...I tell ya that is quiet the job they have and they are good to. Of course since we had it installed it has not been very


On another note Lil O is starting with the embarrassing words/
When we see a man young or old Lil O say "Hi Ole Man" and his best yet is he LOVES to announce when he toots "I tooted mama, I tooted" that is nice lil O thanks for telling us all.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 21, 2008

Great my eggs are getting old....

that is what the Dr S said.

my last test of my Day 3 FSH levels back in Feb/Mar were 13 & 17

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Day 3 FSH is often used as a gauge of ovarian reserve. In general, under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 fair, 10-13 diminished reserve, 13+ very hard to stimulate. In PCOS testing, the LH:FSH ratio may be used in the diagnosis. The ratio is usually close to 1:1, but if the LH is higher, it is one possible indication of PCOS.

Another hurdle for baby, the journey just does not get easier does it. It also has me thinking that yea I am getting older to, I still feel like I am in my mid 20's (I can only wish)

So looks like we will be moving on to IUI if my next Day 3 test (FSH) comes back high as the Dr put it "we need to get aggressive". I have also noticed that AF has been much lighter then normal almost like a spot but a bit heavier and only stays maybe a day and a half that can be due to the high levels of fsh.

Clomid has not been to nice to me this month I have been very moody, snappy and the hot flashes oh my head hurts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Look what I shot last night

I was in my both DH and I were going ooooo ahhhh wow..... These were taken from my bedroom window.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My new lens has arrived Sigma 18-200mm DC OS

and I likey alot. The big brown truck pulled up and came a knocking to my surprise, dh said ah mamma's new toy...the ups guy chuckled... I said my new lens, that is....don't want him thinking something else... so I slapped the sucker on my camera, dh said oh watch out boys momma is armed. My aim was the cat my stuckie boy here he is: this is SOOC other then a crop.

Friday, July 04, 2008

You had to be there moment

I was bathing Lil O and as I was done with him I called for Ri. Dh was bouncing Ri on the exercise ball coming towards me and then he stood Ri up on the floor and gave him a little push to walk towards me (the boy does not walk yet) and so he actually took a quick step and then started to fall towards me, I am seeing this out of the corner of my eye so I reached out and grabbed him gave the "what the" look to dh as he started to laugh hard and then said I forgot this one does not walk we had a good laugh over it.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


my back hurts, when your kids do not feel well they just want to be held. Ri is all better now, then it was Lil O's turn last night.... He woke up a few time in the night so I just brang him to sleep with me, what a restless sleeper he know that feeling you get like your falling in your sleep and then your body jumps well Lil O seems to do the 2 to 3 time in an hr, not sure if that is normal..

This morning he seems better and my back still hurts.


playing around with my blog it is not 100% yet since I have only figure this xml stuff out with some help from SJH blog design it has been very helpful..... so bare with me till I find what I like..