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Monday, December 29, 2008

My Guys

It is not the best photo around but I think it is cute, the guys in my life sharing a drink made from the juicer. We just bought the juicer and I am so happy to see the my boys are now getting the veggies they need weather they know it or not, they seem to be enjoying it....why did we not think of his sooner.

I was in there to having a sip when the thought of "oh this is a shot" so I sacrificed my part of the juice for a photo.....


I just looked at my blog and photos on our other computer (one that is not calibrated) and wow the difference my blog and photos look blue and dark on the uncalibrated one...I advise you to calibrate your computers...... I hate to think of what you are all missing..


Was good. Grandma and Grandpa stayed over, when the boys woke in the morning Lil O did not miss a beat he new just what to do....headed to the biggest He was having fun ripping open his gifts while Ri could of cared less once he open the 1st toy he was done and wanted to play.

Xmas O

Xmas RI


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas too

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More lights

Well I thought I'd give the blurry light thing ago
blurry lights copy

blurry lights on Tree

some more starry lights
Tree starry lights

Star light

While I was taking the shots I saw my son run to get his V-Tech camera and started to take photos too. In the corner of my eye I saw he was watching what I was doing the he took off again grabbed his box flipped it over and then placed his camera on it...his tripod I he is thinking.

O taking photos

I went to get the photos off his camera (I know they were there because I saw what he took) Low and behold they were gone vanished somehow and this is upsetting me because he got so good shots and now they are gone...grrrr

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lil O's Way of thinking on Chrsitmas....

Every time he see a toy that he'd like to have at the store or on TV he says "Christmas gonna give it for me" I say maybe I don't know..... When he looks at the gifts under the tree he asks "Have to wait till Christmas" when I say yes his response is "Oh okay wait till Christmas ..ok"

I will have to try and record him saying these for keepsakes.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

They said it was coming...yup it did

This is my drive home last night from the mall
IMG_0438 night

this drive on a good day takes only 25 minutes tops last night it took a little over 1.5hrs (good thing for the dvd player in the van.

a few more shot of the drive home:

IMG_0447 night

IMG_0453 Night

these were all taken with my Canon SD1100

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here is the 1st casualty of Christmas 2008, my youngest broke his 1st year ornament. The bottom where you see 2007 a glass bubble was around it filled with water and sparkles .... no longer sparkly... I was able to save it and got all of the glass removed from it. Other then that they have not bothered the Tree to much

Sunday, December 07, 2008

X-mas tree

I set up the tree while the boys were napping (I need to do it in peace) I got the tree and the lights up just before Lil O woke. He came down and saw the lights and was in awe and said Oh momma look at the lights" I said yes this is the Christmas tree he responded "oh ... good job momma" nice to no I had his

Ri woke and at 1st he was a little hesitant of the tree would not get to close but yet was excited to see it, about 20min in he finally poked it.

(video will come soon)


IMG_1487 Ri

IMG_1490 O n RI

Tree 2008

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Finally went and got Ri's needles done his 1yr and 18months. The reason I was late on the check up was for 2 reasons:
1 ~ The clinic was closed for reno's and the I forgot to call back.
2 ~ Just felt very nervous for Ri to have his done (but he is doing well)

All went well at the clinic.
Ri's Info:

Lenght ~ 83 centimeter = 32.677 165 354 inch
Weight ~ 10.13 kilogram = 22.332 827 159 lb, lbs

he is in the 5% for weight and just below 50% for length.

Ri handles the needles well but started to cry on the 3rd one (4 total) then Lil O was starting to get upset because his lil brother was, so the nurse gave them both stickers.

Then is was time for mommy and Lil O to get the flu shot, he did not know what was coming as we went back to the waiting area till another nurse called on us. She asked if we should do Lil O's 1st I said no lets show him that mommy gets a needle too and does not cry so he knows that it does not hurt to bad. He watched me and it is a good thing that needles do not bother me because he was just waiting fo me to react. Then his turn came when I asked him to come sit on moms lap he looked at me and grabed his arm and said "no" I then said it is ok mommy got her needle now it is your turn, this is to help us not get sick ok... he thought about it then repeated what I said and I said yes that is right he then came and dat on my lap and the nurse gave him the needle he cried a little at the end because that is when you feel it.
We went back to the waiting area had to stay for 15min (just incase we had a reaction) and all was forgotton. Once home Lil O kept on repeating "were not gonna get sick right momma?"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well 26yrs ago today could of been the last day of my life...but someone, something was watching out for me or it just was not my time yet and I survived.

You see 26yrs ago today as I walked home from school (I was almost 10yrs old) I was walking and holding my sister J's school bag as she walked ahead of me carving something in a snowball she had in her hand. When I came to the road to cross (this was/is a four lane busy road) and this is where I do not remember too much other then waking up under a car with the tire right at my face and I still had the bag in my hand. I remember crying out and seeing feet all around me then I was out again, woke again in the ambulance the EMT asking me questions but I passed out again and woke in the hospital.

Apparently my sis started beating the guy that alsmost ran over me, he was 19yrs old.

Back to as I was crossing the road... I guess one car was already stopped and the driver was waving me to walk and then would sign to stop and then waved for me to walk again and I guess when I passed his car that is where the other car tried to stopped but slid on the ice and ran into me tossed me into the air and my sis says I flew about 15feet and landed on the car (broke the windsheild and dented the bumper) and roll down the hood and under the car as he was still sliding and stopped just at my head...that is why I saw a tire right at my face as I woke.

To this day I still remember seeing a row of lights and it was dark but I could not go to them, I never mentioned that to anyone till I was older when I would hear of people with near death experiences that they'd see a light....I often wonder is that what I saw...

Well I was able to walk out of the Hospital the next day with only brusies all over my body and bandages on my legs my snowsuit was tossed because they had to cut me out of it and that is what they say saved my life ... a that I did not want to wear that day but my mum made me wear it. My main concern was for my chipmunk record that was in the was shattered, I did getting a new one... :)

My dancing boy showing his moves

that's my boy, wiggle it just a little bit......