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Saturday, December 06, 2008


Finally went and got Ri's needles done his 1yr and 18months. The reason I was late on the check up was for 2 reasons:
1 ~ The clinic was closed for reno's and the I forgot to call back.
2 ~ Just felt very nervous for Ri to have his done (but he is doing well)

All went well at the clinic.
Ri's Info:

Lenght ~ 83 centimeter = 32.677 165 354 inch
Weight ~ 10.13 kilogram = 22.332 827 159 lb, lbs

he is in the 5% for weight and just below 50% for length.

Ri handles the needles well but started to cry on the 3rd one (4 total) then Lil O was starting to get upset because his lil brother was, so the nurse gave them both stickers.

Then is was time for mommy and Lil O to get the flu shot, he did not know what was coming as we went back to the waiting area till another nurse called on us. She asked if we should do Lil O's 1st I said no lets show him that mommy gets a needle too and does not cry so he knows that it does not hurt to bad. He watched me and it is a good thing that needles do not bother me because he was just waiting fo me to react. Then his turn came when I asked him to come sit on moms lap he looked at me and grabed his arm and said "no" I then said it is ok mommy got her needle now it is your turn, this is to help us not get sick ok... he thought about it then repeated what I said and I said yes that is right he then came and dat on my lap and the nurse gave him the needle he cried a little at the end because that is when you feel it.
We went back to the waiting area had to stay for 15min (just incase we had a reaction) and all was forgotton. Once home Lil O kept on repeating "were not gonna get sick right momma?"

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