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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well 26yrs ago today could of been the last day of my life...but someone, something was watching out for me or it just was not my time yet and I survived.

You see 26yrs ago today as I walked home from school (I was almost 10yrs old) I was walking and holding my sister J's school bag as she walked ahead of me carving something in a snowball she had in her hand. When I came to the road to cross (this was/is a four lane busy road) and this is where I do not remember too much other then waking up under a car with the tire right at my face and I still had the bag in my hand. I remember crying out and seeing feet all around me then I was out again, woke again in the ambulance the EMT asking me questions but I passed out again and woke in the hospital.

Apparently my sis started beating the guy that alsmost ran over me, he was 19yrs old.

Back to as I was crossing the road... I guess one car was already stopped and the driver was waving me to walk and then would sign to stop and then waved for me to walk again and I guess when I passed his car that is where the other car tried to stopped but slid on the ice and ran into me tossed me into the air and my sis says I flew about 15feet and landed on the car (broke the windsheild and dented the bumper) and roll down the hood and under the car as he was still sliding and stopped just at my head...that is why I saw a tire right at my face as I woke.

To this day I still remember seeing a row of lights and it was dark but I could not go to them, I never mentioned that to anyone till I was older when I would hear of people with near death experiences that they'd see a light....I often wonder is that what I saw...

Well I was able to walk out of the Hospital the next day with only brusies all over my body and bandages on my legs my snowsuit was tossed because they had to cut me out of it and that is what they say saved my life ... a that I did not want to wear that day but my mum made me wear it. My main concern was for my chipmunk record that was in the was shattered, I did getting a new one... :)

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