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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Gotta love the guy and I do.

His visual memory is not so good, I lol at it now but it use to drive me crazy.

Dh put the dishes away the other day and that evening he went into the cupboard and he lol. I was at the computer so I turned to see him and asked what was funny. With his hand on the cupboard door he said oh nothing with a smirk. I knew then something was I just stared at him and he then said ok I messed up the cups places, the way he looked at me was priceless. I then said to him I am use to it now it does not bother me, your brain just does not go there to remember where things go, I just go behind you and fix

I went to go see but he would not move his hand from the door, so we struggled with one another, me trying to open the door him trying to keep it shut well my arms are just not long enough so I hand to resort to tickling

Dh said that while putting them away he new something just was not right but he did not know what...

We had a good laugh, he then went to work and I changed things back to "normal"

That is my dh the non visual man..........

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Ri 6 month update

Yup 6 months already......where did it go!

At his appointment he was fine up till she poked him with the 1st needle, he was not pleased then he saw her come with another then another. He settled when she was done then he saw her (the nurse) go for his legs again to put the band aid on he started to cry out, guess he thought she was giving him another needle, stopped when she moved away from him.

For his measurements:
25% range

Weight ~ 14lbs 2oz ( 6.4 kilogram)
Height ~ 64cm (25.2inch)
Head ~ 42.2cm (16.61 inch)

He and Lil O weight is the same at 6m but he is 1 inch smaller then Lil O was a 6m.

Lil O stayed home with daddy and I guess he cried the whole time I was gone with Ri (1hr) When I came in the door this is what I saw........

He cried so hard that he fell asleep there. Dh was doing dishes and thought that Lil O was just still sulking because he could hear him doing that weird breathing they do when they have

Lil O is feeling better today.

Monday, September 24, 2007

so sad ...

My mummy's doggy passed away today this is so sad. Angie has been my mum's companion for 17yrs. She was a good girl up till the end. My mum is so sad right now that she can not even talk to anyone. I am even crying here......

Rest in peace Angie

this was the email :

It is with a sad & heavy heart, I must inform you, we lost our dog Angie today. She was part of our family, and was Ollie's friend and companion long before I met them both. She fought hard to get well, but just slowly got worse, and I believe she just gave up at the end.. Already, the absence of her is felt, even thought she spent most of the day in bed at the last.. On the last visit to the Vet, he could see, her time had come, and nothing more could be done for her... She had a very good long life, and could not have had any one better for a owner, that my Ollie,... BUT, for a while, there will be an ache in our hearts, and if you see us "tear-up" some time, its because we have Sooooo many great memories of her, and I have to go now..... I'm getting tears on my key board..

Lil O is under the weather....

It all started when he had that crappy sleep on the night of Sept 21. He 1st woke at 2am babbling away then he feel back to sleep at 3am woke again crying at 3:3o am so I went in to comfort him, woke again whimpering at 4:10am so I went back in and I noticed he was feeling hot. From then on he was waking every 20min or so crying. Finally around 6am I just had to let him cry it out so I could get some sleep, he fell asleep and we all woke at 9am.

Today he is still feeling crappy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Miracles and Dreams

that is what this is all about Jules had her long awaited baby today.

Congratulations my friend you now have an earth angel to hold.

Welcome baby girl to the world.

I am so incredibly happy for you.

Another Miracle and another Dream came true......

Friday, September 14, 2007

My new resident

this thing is living outside my spare bedroom window which is above my back deck... Gross yuck yuck yuck! It even ate a dragon fly the other day. I did not get a pic of that because I did not think to take a photo through that window till today and here I was trying to zoom in real close to it from my deck for like a week...duh. It is about and inch big it just grosses me out! (the glare is from the window, if you think I am going to open the window you are WRONG!

This spider looks nothing like the ones in Sunny Patch (Miss Spider, the cartoon)
nope he/she don't.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I would die for that....

This is a song I found on youtube by Kellie Coffey about wanting a baby....infertility
I cried listening to it so many feeling came back.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Going for 3

third baby that is.... Dh and I spoke a little about this the other night, I need to start the IVIG. Not sure if I am ready yet but since the treatment is still "free" we need to go for it..kwim ....... I am ready but not.. Not sure but I feel a little scared too. Dh and I were saying with all my pg's one thing is always different.
Did the IVIG with O and went to 33w

Did IVIG with RI had Subchorionic Hematoma went to 33w but was then shipped off to another province

This next one will most likely be early as well but how early?? and still have the risk of being shipped off to another province or even the states again, will be on IVIG. Could have a c-section. Gotta try for that