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Monday, September 24, 2007

so sad ...

My mummy's doggy passed away today this is so sad. Angie has been my mum's companion for 17yrs. She was a good girl up till the end. My mum is so sad right now that she can not even talk to anyone. I am even crying here......

Rest in peace Angie

this was the email :

It is with a sad & heavy heart, I must inform you, we lost our dog Angie today. She was part of our family, and was Ollie's friend and companion long before I met them both. She fought hard to get well, but just slowly got worse, and I believe she just gave up at the end.. Already, the absence of her is felt, even thought she spent most of the day in bed at the last.. On the last visit to the Vet, he could see, her time had come, and nothing more could be done for her... She had a very good long life, and could not have had any one better for a owner, that my Ollie,... BUT, for a while, there will be an ache in our hearts, and if you see us "tear-up" some time, its because we have Sooooo many great memories of her, and I have to go now..... I'm getting tears on my key board..

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