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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Gotta love the guy and I do.

His visual memory is not so good, I lol at it now but it use to drive me crazy.

Dh put the dishes away the other day and that evening he went into the cupboard and he lol. I was at the computer so I turned to see him and asked what was funny. With his hand on the cupboard door he said oh nothing with a smirk. I knew then something was I just stared at him and he then said ok I messed up the cups places, the way he looked at me was priceless. I then said to him I am use to it now it does not bother me, your brain just does not go there to remember where things go, I just go behind you and fix

I went to go see but he would not move his hand from the door, so we struggled with one another, me trying to open the door him trying to keep it shut well my arms are just not long enough so I hand to resort to tickling

Dh said that while putting them away he new something just was not right but he did not know what...

We had a good laugh, he then went to work and I changed things back to "normal"

That is my dh the non visual man..........

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