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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I did it...

I made myself go out yesterday, other then going to Walmart.

I did go to WalMart 1st then driving home I found myself trying to make excuses to just go home but I bit the bullet made myself take Lil O to a kids play area. There were lots of kids and moms at the C&S play spot and it took Lil O about 30min to warm up and start to play on his own and I sat off to the side with Ri and we watched big bro play. Lil O kept checking to see if I was still around. A few kids were a bit pushy but the moms were on top of them most of the time, it was a good play time.

I am tired of being a hermit, I am too comfy at home and I need to get out so Lil O now how to get on in the real world....


I forgot Wordless Wednesday yesterday...oops.

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MsGini said...

That's a step forward! Definitely! I had a little boy at the play place raise his fist at me last week when I called out! He had grabbed B by the back of her shirt because she was trying to make her way around him... and his mother was 'off to the right'. Part of me says we need to bring our kids out just so that they learn how to play with others - whether the others play well or not! It's good to hear that you did this... ((hugs)) from your other Mommy-Hermit friend!