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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Had Thanksgiving dinner last night

over at my friends house.

Lil O played well once he warmed up to everyone there. Dinner was good and when it came time for desert she had everyone say what they were thank full for. When it came my turn I said well you know I am very thank full for my boys and I held Ri up she then said yes and what little miracles they are and it hit my and I said to her you going to make me cry ( did get teary eyed) then I said to her that I was thank full for friends like her.

then it was dh turn and that is when I said Oh I am thank full for you too, we laughed.

Guess I am still emotional over my journey for my boys.

As we were leaving I was grabbed Lil O's shoes to put on him but he walked away and my friend and dh were talking and with out thinking I tried to put Lil O's shoes on my feet, it fits my So I laughed and her dh saw what I did and was laughing too and told them what I did. A good laugh on my part..

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