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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ri is 7months

He is so fun now, he laughs up a storm, LOVES to watch his big brother you can just see him trying to move to follow but his little body won't quiet work with him yet.

Put him in the jolly jumper last week and well has not quiet figured what to do yet, laughs when mommy holds his hand to show him how to jump then along come Lil O with a good push and yank to show him how.... have to keep my eye on that

Lil O sure does watch what I am doing because the other day I put Ri on the floor for a bum change and I got up to get the vaseline and turned to see O trying to put the diaper under


Went to O's cousins 5th b-day party at Chuck E Cheese and well when we got there we had to stand in line for almost 20min but both my boys were good about it. When we finally got in I had to walk around to find the party and as we were walking O was getting excited seeing all the games and rides.
I took O for a walk around and see saw a 4x4 ride and wanted to sit in it. I put him in let him get the feel of it then I put the token in and when the engine rived he jumped up did his growl and then the 4x4 started going side to side and when the side tilted to me he jumped right out and held tight on to my neck when we turned to look at the 4x4 it tilted back so far that I was glad he was in my arms because he for sure would of really freaked at that moment.
Back at the table we were sitting down when I spotted Chuck E Cheese coming towards us, (I thought for sure that O was going to scream) I said to O to look who is is Chuck E cheese he looked then held out his hand and waved at Chuck E and when Chuck E came closer he held out his hand to O and he took it...(what this is my boy) and when Chuck E passed by us O jumped off my lap and chased after Chuck E all over the place till Chuck waved bye bye..

It was a good day..

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