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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back on the TTC wagon

officially on Nov 19 2007. I have an appointment on that day to see my great Dr S as we ttc our last baby hopefully no heartbreaks along the way...


Ri tried Carrots and peas the other day and well the peas did not go over well the carrots are a hit, he gobbles it down.

O has peed in the potty yet again but this time he did not seem shocked because he did not jump up as he started to pee, in the past it seemed to startle him and he's say "o...o....Oooo" and stand to see what was going on down

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Tammy said...

Y ~ hoping for you as you start on this next journey that will hopefully bring another miracle to join the two already in your family. I'll be keeping up with you here so post, okay? I can't wait to hear the good news!!! Hugs to you O and R!!!