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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ri 6 month update

Yup 6 months already......where did it go!

At his appointment he was fine up till she poked him with the 1st needle, he was not pleased then he saw her come with another then another. He settled when she was done then he saw her (the nurse) go for his legs again to put the band aid on he started to cry out, guess he thought she was giving him another needle, stopped when she moved away from him.

For his measurements:
25% range

Weight ~ 14lbs 2oz ( 6.4 kilogram)
Height ~ 64cm (25.2inch)
Head ~ 42.2cm (16.61 inch)

He and Lil O weight is the same at 6m but he is 1 inch smaller then Lil O was a 6m.

Lil O stayed home with daddy and I guess he cried the whole time I was gone with Ri (1hr) When I came in the door this is what I saw........

He cried so hard that he fell asleep there. Dh was doing dishes and thought that Lil O was just still sulking because he could hear him doing that weird breathing they do when they have

Lil O is feeling better today.

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Daisy said...

Wow! kids can sleep in any position eh? :) priceless shot there!