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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ultrasound in 3 days ....

Thursday morning at 7:45am!

Hoping for open leg vibes and that all is well with this babe.
I can not believe I will be 18w tomorrow.

I will tell you I have been pretty emotional and scared for these upcoming weeks, getting closer to when I lost William makes me so nervous. I have been having some tummy Harding so I just lay down drink more water and they go away, I will mention it to my Dr Tomorrow I see the high risk Dr O at 1pm hopefully it is just my UU being irritable.

And I am still nauseous a lot.


Lynanne said...

Is it odd that I'm more excited to hear about your u/s than I am about my own? But then, I cheated and already know what I'm having and my u/s isn't until Dec 10. Maybe as the day gets closer I'll be more excited for myself.

I can’t even imagine how scary it must be to watch each week go by, hoping everything is okay. Did you have a chance to look up "Braxton Hicks contractions"? They are normal but your doctor can tell you what other signs to watch for.

Take care!

Tammy said...

Counting the days and hoping all is well, Yvette!!!