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Sunday, November 12, 2006

What is Orion up to....

Well my boy is all

He is turning into a stunt boy. He tries to climb the baby gate, He goes after the dog Misty and I am impressed with her because he takes her bone and she lets him (I do keep a very close eye on them together) and then there are the cats the now notice hOrion moves faster now but they let him touch them then they are out of

He is so close to taking his 1st steps, he pulls himself up then looks over at me and lets go and starts to go up on his tippy toes then he falls on his butt only to start all over again. He also has the little car he ride and likes to scare mommy by doing a pop a wheelie but going on the front tires not the back one, so I invision a face plant but he sees mommy having a heart attach and that is funny to that is my boy.

here are Orions look alikes.


Lynanne said...

Yup, he's all boy, that's for sure! I love it when toddlers first start to show their personality :)

And Orion is WAY better looking than any of those celebrities!

Stephanie said...

Ahh he is getting so big. It all happens so fast.