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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Forgot to mention Fertility Clinic update

When I went to the clinic I saw Dr W instead of my normal Dr S (I have not seen much of her this time around) Dr W said all looks great and they are going to release me then he went on to say that the risk for me to miscarry past this stage is very low. I just looked at him and wondered have you read my big fat file that you are holding? So I said to him, well I have had a 19w loss so the odds are against me and Dr O (another Dr at the clinic, who has his own clinic for highrisk out side of the fertility Clinic plus he follow me with Orion's pg) said he wants to follow my pg again. Dr W said oh do you have a referral for him? I said, No, Dr O told me so himself at my last appointment here that he wants to follow my pg agian. Dr W then said, Dr O told you this? Yes Dr O did, I am on the IVIG program and my son was a preemie. Oh says Dr W, I will get his office to call you for an appointment.

I have waited the week so I am going to call Dr O's office to see if they have my file yet for an appointment. Because I am NOT going to have happen what happen when I was pg with William. It took forever for the Dr B's office to make an appointment (almost 2months!) and when they did finally call my appt was for Dec 30 (almost 3months since last) but I ended up going in to preterm labouron Dec 21st with William and we know what happened after that (heaven is where he is) . Monday I am calling Dr O.

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Anonymous said...

Am so happy for you. I check often for an update.