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Thursday, October 05, 2006

My baby or shall I say my little boy's 1yr check up..

He is getting so big.

As we were waiting you could hear the screams of the other babies and toddlers getting there needles. Everytime there was a scream Orion would look at me and smile, I was just waiting for him to scream back like the Wall-mart baby call the other day but he did

Orion did well he let the nurse weigh him then measure his length and they are:

Weight ~ 20 lbs (9.07kg)
Height ~ 29.3 inches (74.5cm)

he is almost at the 50%.
Now for the needle....

The nurse takes us into room 4 sits us down and explains what Orion will be getting (live viruses) and that it could take up to 40 days for any reaction. Orion was watching her as she was getting the needles ready then she asks me to hold onto his wrist. Then she comes around and says this 1st one does not sting and pokes Orion in the arm, little man did not jump but when she took the needle out he started to cry a little. I then held his other wrist and the nurse said this one sting (the measle one) and up it must of because Orion let us The nursee
opened the door to her room and as I walked out Orion went quiet, like he was relieved to be out of there. Other then that 2minuts of crying my little guy was once again a trooper, that is my boy.

Now daddy has to go get the shot for chickenpocks because he does not think hes has had them and the nurse said it is very dangerous for an adult to get it. Orion can break out in "wannabe" chickenpocks and it he does and if dh happens to touch those little white welts (that will have the virus) she said dh will get it, so off to the needle for him. I have had the chickenpocks when I was a kid so I am good to go.

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