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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thump a thump a thump

(11w 5d)

is what I finally heard ..... what a sweet sweet sound.

I bought a doppler off of Ebay, it works like a charm. Having a doppler sure can ease the mind just that much more.

I feel a little guilty about this pg because it is not on my mind as often as when I was pg with Orion, I guess he keeps me distracted which in a sense can be good right? But yet I feel like this baby is being "neglected" in a way even though it is not.


Stephanie said...

I felt the same way about my second pregnancy. I just had the figure out that I have 2 the split my time and thoughts with now. And still have a few brain cells for me.

This baby will cerain not feel neglected. You love him/her and do your best for him/her, and that baby will know that.

Lynanne said...

I went through the very same thing after my 2nd was born so close in age to my first. It's completely normal to be so busy with a 1-year old that there is little time to think of anything else. I also noticed I was afraid to get attached early on. The pregnancy didn’t feel real until I started feeling the baby move. That’s where I’m at again now. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever but yet it so unreal. Though I’m griping about the negatives (hormonal mood swings, fatigue, etc) more than I should so in that respect the pregnancy is very real. Those seem more body-related than baby-related though.

Anyhow, after your second is born, you will find a new balance for your family and yourself. Everyone will benefit from the new addition. :)